Can a Bride Effectively Plan Her Own Bachelorette Bash Without Looking Like a Bridezilla?

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The bachelorette party is traditionally a laid-back shindig designed to encourage a tense bride to let loose and celebrate the last days of her single life in style. As a means of allowing the bride some relaxation, bridesmaids often take charge of organizing the festivities. But what happens when a bride has a clear vision of what she wants in her bachelorette party? Our etiquette experts weigh in.

There is a fine line between offering helpful hints to your wedding party and crossing into bridezilla terrain, and making demands of your bridesmaids may well fall into the latter category. However, your bachelorette party is an integral facet of your wedding celebration, and therefore should at least take into account some of your criteria for a perfect shindig. It isn't unheard of for a modern bride to plan her own bachelorette bash, but if your bridesmaids are already planning the event, allow them to proceed.

If your bridesmaids know you well enough, they will fashion a thoughtful and fun affair tailored to your unique taste. Instead of attempting to orchestrate every facet of the event, try loosening the reigns and allow your bridesmaids a modicum of artistic freedom. Throw out hints about the details which are most important to you, whether it be the absence of a male exotic dancer or the presence of aestheticians for a spa experience, but permit your entourage to take the lead on planning the event. A bachelorette party is intended to give the bride a breather while she focuses on arranging other facets of her wedding, so take the opportunity to unwind while your bridesmaids prepare the soiree.

If you sense that you may not end up with the exact bachelorette experience you had hoped for, set aside another evening for your bridesmaids which you can plan meticulously from venue to entertainment.

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