Bride Caught Overcharging Her Bridesmaids for Their Dresses to Help Pay for Her Wedding Gown

That's called stealing..


There are lots of perfectly acceptable ways to cut corners on your wedding costs. Overcharging your unassuming friends on their bridesmaid dresses, however? Not one of them.

In a post shared to the Facebook group “That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming,” and later reshared to a Reddit thread, a bridesmaid recounted how she’d been duped by a former bride looking to make a profit off the women who were supposed to be there to support her on her big day.

According to poster ShamedShamingShamer, six bridesmaids, including herself, were asked to pay $400 for their bridesmaid dresses for their friend's upcoming wedding. “The dress itself was lovely but a bit expensive,” the poster wrote.

In a seemingly sweet move, the maid of honor offered to pick up all the dresses on her credit card, allowing the girls—some of whom were still in college—to pay her back at their own pace. “She was going to let us pay her back in installments if needed,” the bridesmaid explained, adding, “I definitely needed.”

The maid of honor's true motives were uncovered once the poster went to try on her dress independently of the group, however. “I wasn’t able to go with everyone to pick up the dresses because finals week and planned to go by myself the following week,” she shared.

Upon leaving the shop with her new gown, which the maid of honor had prepaid for, she was met by some resistance from an employee who was unaware of the prior payment agreement. “[She] yells out, ‘Hey, that will be $200!’" the bridesmaid remembered.

The shop owner was able to confirm that the dress had been paid for, but the bridesmaid realized that she had been had. “I turned to walk out and suddenly realized she said $200 and not $400," she wrote.

Needless to say, she confronted the maid of honor, who confessed that she knew of the price discrepancy—in fact, she had been in on the dastardly scheme! “Apparently, the bride and MOH plotted together to charge us double to help pay for the bride’s dress," the poster wrote.

Unfortunately for the bride, her actions ended up costing a heck of a lot more than her dress would have—she was left with four less bridesmaids after the poster let the group know what was going on behind the scenes, as they all "dropped out of the wedding immediately."

People were not here for the bride's sneaky moves.

“I don't blame them for dropping out of the wedding and friendship completely,” one wrote. Added another, “Who uses their friends as an ATM to help pay for their wedding dress?”

Others likened her actions to robbery: “Isn't that stealing? As in legally actionable??” one poster commented, with another quipping, “That’s theft. Bride or not.”

Another agreed, “Definitely criminal.”

While few (read: none) were in the bride’s corner on this one, at least one suggested that she could have received help from her friends had she gone about things in a different manner. “I can see the bride being frugal and all her friends coming together to get her a dress,” the commenter wrote.

Sounds like this bride learned a hard life lesson!

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