Bride Slammed for Asking If She Should Replace Maid of Honor Over Baby Weight


Anna Wolska-Rzewuska

It’s not uncommon for a bride to want to look her fittest on her wedding day — but what happens when she expects members of her bridal party—or, more specifically, her maid of honor who gave birth three weeks prior—to do the same?

One bride-to-be found out the answer to that exact question after she took to the internet to crowdsource opinions on the matter.

“So my friend who is my maid of honor in my wedding recently gave birth and she hasn’t lost the baby weight,” the woman reportedly wrote in a now-deleted post in a forum for mom per Fox News. “She still looks pregnant.”

According to the bride, her pal’s weight was an issue because of her dress. “I refuse to have it altered again,” she wrote. “It was already altered multiple times for her and she said she’d fit into it.”

Though the maid of honor offered to wear a “back-up dress,” the bride wasn’t too keen on the idea. “I’m saying 'hell no' to that,” she ranted. “I’m not fat shaming but come on. My wedding is only one day and I’m not having it ruined by her or her baby weight.”

The bride seemed to be second-guessing herself, however, asking commenters if it would be “wrong” to replace her friend with someone else, if the current maid of honor failed to drop the pounds before her big day.

Needless to say, plenty of commenters were outraged at the suggestion, labeling the bride “horrible,” “disgusting” and “selfish.” “This bride is an idiot,” one person wrote per Fox. “You don’t just drop postpartum weight within a few weeks of giving birth. Sometimes it takes months.”

“What kind of shallow person is this? If your friend is a good enough friend to be your [maid of honor], then YOU ought to be a good enough friend to care more about them than how they look in a picture,” another wrote.

Opined a third: “I hope she trips while walking down the aisle.”

In case you needed a reminder: It's not cool to body shame; it's not cool to mommy shame; it's not cool to be a demanding bride; and it's definitely not cool to be a bad friend.

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