Bride Kicks Guest Out for Wearing Dress That Was "Maybe 5% White"

The Internet is not having it

Leaf print wrap midi dress

Courtesy of Little Black Dress

One bride took the "don't wear white to someone else's wedding" edict too far when she kicked a guest out for wearing a dress that sort of, kind of had a vaguely white pattern on it.

The guest posted the situation to Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" thread (the original post was deleted, but someone copied and pasted it to a new thread in the "Bridezilla" channel), explaining that her brother-in-law's wife took major issue with the tropical printed dress she'd chosen for the wedding. The guest had a close relationship with the groom, and was initially supposed to be a member of his wedding party, but was forced to bow out because the bride wasn't "comfortable with it." So instead, she attended the wedding as a guest.

"When we get there, the wedding is beautiful. Everything going off without a hitch, my MIL is crying her eyes out, it’s really lovely," the guest wrote. "Then the reception rolls around and BIL comes up to me looking mortified. He asks me if I have anything to change into. At first I’m confused, then I see Ashley staring daggers at me."

She continued, "Apparently, my dress was white... I was gobsmacked. BIL told me he didn’t understand and that he thought it was ridiculous but it was her day so he didn’t want to cause arguments." She linked to the dress, pictured above, for context... and for what it's worth, the pattern seems to be approximately 5 percent white (which the poster noted), with a whole lot of other colors mixed in.

The guest explained that she didn't have anything to change into (because who brings a change of clothes to a wedding?), and at this point, the bride came over and suggested the guest borrow a dress from another guest. "I told her there wasn’t a chance a dress from her mother would fit me and she told me it was either wear it or go back home and change," she wrote.

Ultimately, she opted to leave, and told the bride that "if this was the way she wanted to treat me then I wouldn’t be coming back." She notes that the bride has since texted her demanding an apology, and has shared passive-aggressive Facebook memes about "stealing the moment."

The Reddit community seems to be in unanimous agreement that no, the wedding guest is not "the asshole" in this situation. "As an upcoming bride, can confirm, that's not a problem. The dress is fine," wrote one commenter. "That dress is green, floral, and not at all flashy," agreed another. And many, many others noted that it's the perfect wedding guest dress and that they might just consider buying it for themselves.

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