Bride Angry Over Estranged Friend's Refusal to Do Wedding Makeup for Free

The friend is a professional makeup artist

Jamie Grill

When it comes to your wedding, there’s a time to splurge and a time to save, and milking your friends for their professional services should definitely not fall into the latter category—at least in theory.

As seen in an Imgur thread that was later posted in a Reddit thread called Choosing Beggars, one bride-to-be became irate after an old friend named Jessie, whom she hadn’t talked to in a decade, refused to lend her services as a professional makeup artist to her wedding free of charge.

The thread begins with the bride apologizing that she wasn’t there in her friend’s time of need. “Sorry to hear about your parents,” she wrote. “Sorry I didn’t reach out at the time.”

She then gets straight to the point, launching into her spiel about getting married and requesting the makeup artist’s services. “Are you still practicing and would you be free? It’s only a small event and I don’t have a huge budget.”

Jessie responded that not only did she still practice, she was busy opening her own salon in London. She suggested that the bride might be better off seeking someone local, as the two were roughly three hours apart.

The bride would not be deterred, however. “Like I said, I’m on a limited budget,” she wrote. “Was hoping to get a friend’s discount. It’s only a three-hour drive for you to get here and you could come to the wedding if you wanted,” she reasoned.

She was not willing to make the trek herself, though, adding: “I could try and come up to see you, but it’s a long way.”

When she offered to allow the makeup artist to snap some photos for her portfolio, Jessie kindly let her know that she typically charges 75 Euros (the rough equivalent of about $85) per hour plus travel expenses, though she was sure she could offer a slight discount for her pal.

That wasn't quite good enough for the bride. “You really charge that much?! That is a lot of money!!” she replied. “I was hoping you would offer to do it for free ... maybe as a wedding present to me.”

She continued on to say that she could also likely kick in 10 Euros ($11) for Jessie's travel, though she didn't really see why she should if Jessie was to be her wedding guest. "I don’t feel like you’re being fair,” she griped. “I invited you to my wedding which is only small and I’ve said you could use the pictures you take for a portfolio so I’d be doing you a favor, too. Can you meet me halfway here?”

Jessie stood her ground, letting the bride know that she didn’t appreciate her manner of getting in touch. “We haven’t spoken for 10 years and the first time we do you’re texting me to ask me to do your MU for your wedding for free,” she wrote, noting that 10 Euros wouldn’t even cover her gas to make the trip.

She then politely declined. “I’m sorry ... but I won't be able to do your MU for you,” she wrote, offering to assist her old acquaintance with YouTube clips that might help her do her own makeup on a budget.

The beauty guru closed with a sweet sentiment, saying, “I hope you have an amazing wedding and a beautiful marriage.”

The bride was none too pleased at being rebuffed, writing back, “F*ck you. Selfish b*tch!”

Naturally, Reddit users were both appalled and amused by the bride’s request.

“Honestly, she was being really kind to the bride for even bothering to continue talking to her,” one wrote. “Most folks I know would have just said that isn't possible, good luck and left it.”

“The entitlement of some people is astounding,” another added.

A third still summarized the request by pointing out its ludicrousness: "Hey Guuuuurl. So sorry your parents died a long time ago. Listen, can you drive 18-hours to my wedding and do my hair for free? You can stay for the wedding too, but now that I've invited you to the wedding you basically owe me a gift, so why don't you do my makeup for free, and then keep the gift around $100 and we'll call it even? Can't wait"


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