This Bride Made a Five-Page Checklist of Shots Her Wedding Photographer Had to Capture

Or she'll withhold full payment

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There are plenty of horror stories out there about newlyweds who paid astronomical amounts of money for professional wedding photographers and videographers to shoot their big day, only to receive the proofs a few weeks later and hate every shot. Perhaps even more horrific, however, is one bride-to-be's attempt to avoid this nightmare by creating a nightmarish situation herself.

That supremely picky bride recently shared an oh-so-helpful post on Facebook in which she detailed her plan to withhold payment from her photographer unless they capture every single shot she requests, from pre-ceremony to the reception, meticulously outlined in a five-page checklist. Yep: Five. Pages. The same rules apply to the videographer; she wrote that the video-specific list will not only include which shots she wants, but exactly how she wants them recorded and edited. You know, because that sort of creative process should definitely not be left to the trained professionals she hired for the job.

"This is a one time thing and I want to make sure I have every picture and video shot I wanted," she wrote, according to screenshots obtained by The Irish Sun. "Hope this helps someone who may have passed this up in their planning process." The accompanying checklist includes lists of "photography poses" of the bride and groom with nearly every possible combination of bridal party members and relatives.

The post was soon shared to a wedding-shaming Facebook group, where it was, obviously, ripped apart. "That's not how it works," one wedding photographer commented, per the Sun. "I would walk out of there. We take a 'requested photos' list but sometimes a shot just doesn't happen the way someone envisions it." Other members of the group noted that typically photographers' contracts have stipulations about these exact situations, ensuring that they're paid in full before the wedding. One suggested, "Just let the professionals do their job and don't hire people you don't trust."

Yet another wedding photographer perfectly summed up the group's frustration: "This is why I don't photograph weddings anymore. This, right here."

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For the record, there's nothing wrong with creating a (reasonable) list of shots you want your photographer and videographer to do their very best to capture (here are a few examples of what to put on that list). Just make sure it's not a ridiculous five pages long, and definitely do not withhold payment until those shots are in your hands. Sure, you want to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments, but it's not the end of the world if you don't have snapshots of you with every single possible combination of wedding guests in your album.

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