A Bride's Guide to Pulling Off a Mid-Wedding Shoe Change

Updated 10/05/16

Dove + Sparrow

Once you've found the perfect wedding dress, it's time for accessories. From a veil to jewelry, there are so many beautiful ways to customize your bridal look — and shoes are no exception! Whether you go for classic ivory pumps or "something blue" embellished flats, we're huge fans of having a special shoe peeking out from beneath your wedding dress. But as they say, sometimes beauty is pain and those stilettos may not feel so great beyond your walk down the aisle. So can you swap your shoes out when it's time to hit the dance floor? Our experts weigh in.

Every bride has her own game plan for wedding-day footwear. Some splurge on designer heels (which can sometimes be more comfortable than their lower-priced counterparts because of the materials and construction), while others grab their go-to pair, choose boots, or stick to flats. If you're concerned about how comfortable your shoes will be by the time the reception rolls around, by all means, bring a back-up pair with you! After all, you'll want to be on the dance floor all night!

If you do think you'll want to change your shoes mid-party, try to find a second pair that has a similar heel height to your ceremony shoes. A difference of any more than a half an inch will cause your dress to either drag on the ground or be too short and reveal your toes. Be sure to bring both pairs with you to your dress fittings, so your seamstress can offer some advice about making sure you don't accidentally trip on your skirt.

A great way to increase your comfort is to change from a stiletto to a thicker heel or a wedge (possibly with a platform, which will give you height while giving your arches a break). If there was ever a time to wear a wedge sneaker, the dance floor at your wedding is it!

Getting married outdoors? You may want to do a reverse shoe switch. Don your reception shoes for those getting-ready shots, then change into a comfortable wedge for your walk down the aisle, especially if you'll be on grass and outdoors for pictures immediately before or after the ceremony. Then, when you're on solid ground for the reception, put your heels on and be comforted by the fact that you know you've got those back-ups nearby!

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