This Bride's Grandpa Sat Next to His Wife's Memorial at Wedding Dinner

Prepare to be very emotional.

Reception Table

Photo by Sarah Falugo

We're suckers for a viral wedding moment, especially when it pulls on the heartstrings. Just consider this heart-melting scene West Virginia bride Sahrah Elswick captured on her wedding day, which she thankfully shared with the Internet.

In order to incorporate her late grandmother into her nuptials, Elswick decided to decorate a rocking chair with family photos, string lights and a sign that read, "We know you would be here today if heaven wasn’t so far away.” During the reception, she noticed that the memorial had some company—her grandfather was sitting on a bale of hay in front of the chair eating his meal. Elswick was so moved by the moment that she shared photos of the scene to Twitter alongside the caption, "Pawpaw sat and ate with mawmaw today at my wedding."

"When I saw him sitting there, I immediately started crying," Elswick told Brides. "It just moved me. I was completely in awe at how much he loves her. I think everyone was crying when he did it. It was beautiful."

While planning her wedding, Elswick wanted to honor her late grandmother and other family members who could not be there to celebrate on the big day. "I wanted to create a memorial because she was a very important part of my life," said the bride. "We had to have them as part of our big day, it wouldn’t have been the same without them."

Despite knowing that she wanted to honor these lost loved ones at her wedding, she wasn't sure exactly how to do it. "It wasn’t hard to choose what pictures and people we wanted to be a part of it, but I did have a lot of trouble figuring out how to display it. I saw my husband's grandma rocking in the white rocking chair you see in the picture and thought it was the perfect seat to save for our passed on loved ones."

In a later tweet, Elswick also revealed that her grandmother passed away two years ago. Since sharing the precious moment on social media, the Internet has unsurprisingly been brought to tears, with many users sharing how they plan to honor lost ones on their big days.

"I’m doing a tribute table for my grandma at my wedding, and I hope it’s as beautiful & impactful as yours is," tweeted one person.

"I completely understand, my niece recently got married and not only did she lose her mother, but her grandmother 2mo before. We honored them both with a front row seat," tweeted another.

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