Bride Cancels Wedding Over Mother-in-Law's Guest List Demands

What would you do in this situation?

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Can you imagine after months and months of planning and anticipating your wedding day, you just...cancel? After months of pouring time and energy into planning, the idea may seem inconceivable. But that was the reality for one bride, and the internet is here for it.

The bride turned to Reddit to share her story in one of the site's "Just No Mother-In-Law" forums. In a now-deleted post, the bride, under the username GirlofBeans, wrote, "I cancelled my wedding out of spite." She went on to explain that while wedding planning, her fiancé's mother became very demanding, forcing the couple to invite an extra 80 people to the nuptials.

“I (26F) have been with my now husband (26M) for roughly 4 years," wrote the bride per Fox News. "Things have always been rocky with his mother. He is from a very wealthy family, and I haven’t really lived up to her expectations. I’m from a very comfortable middle-class family, and she refers to us as the ‘bumkins.’ She is overbearing and manipulative, and my husband admits the same. We got engaged a while ago, and have been planning our wedding for about a year. The thing is, a legit wedding ceremony has never really been us, it always felt like we were planning out of obligation.”

And with that planning, the difficult mother in law's involvement got a little out of hand. According to the bride, her future mother-in-law claimed the additional invitees were non-negotiable and only gave the couple two months' notice. So what's a couple to do when the mother-in-law invites guests to the wedding? This couple took matters into their own hands.

“TWO MONTHS before our wedding date, his mother sends me a detailed spreadsheet with about 80 people on it, telling me that none of these invitees were optional, and I had better invite all of them. Our wedding was initially only about 50 people, and only about 15 of the people on the spreadsheet were invited. She mentioned how they all had bought flights and booked hotels, even though they had never received invites. This kind of flew me into a blind rage. I called everyone and canceled. We got married in a national park with our two best friends.”

Fellow Reddit users were quick to support the bride and her bold decision.

"I could not have said it better myself!!" one user praised. "This was possibly the most glorious result to a MIL controlling someone else's wedding that I've ever read and I am here for it."

So how did the mother-in-law react? The bride wrote, "She kind of blanched and was visibly horrified when she realized that SHE would have to call everyone she invited and cancel on them because they weren’t a part of our formal guest list. Honestly, it felt really good to finally see her squirm for once.”

While everyone has different circumstances, it is important to remember that your wedding day is your day, and you shouldn't let anyone take away that control. Of course, there will be plenty of people wanting to weigh in on everything from the guest list to the reception menu, but keeping your wishes at the forefront of it all is so important. Do what makes you and your partner happy. After all, these are memories you will have forever!

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