A Bride Is Facing Internet Backlash After Banning Her Niece's Superhero Costume from Her Wedding

"Do people really not understand what to wear to weddings?"

Updated 04/21/19

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We've all heard stories of brides imposing strict wardrobe rules on members of their wedding party, but one woman took things one step further when she banned her six-year-old niece from wearing a superhero costume to celebrate her big day.

Per Yahoo, the bride in question posted a photo to Facebook of the little girl in a Captain Marvel dress and a fuzzy pink cardigan. "Was at the soon-to-be-in-laws today and they chose this dress for my fiancé’s niece. I told them to keep shopping. Do people really not understand what to wear to weddings?” she captioned the shot. Needless to say, the Internet had some thoughts.

“If that was her way of expressing herself I would never stop her from being herself. They’re only that young for a very short period of time," wrote one woman. "Oh My, that dress is so cute. If she is not in the wedding, what do you care?" agreed another.

Some users, though, were staunchly #teambride on this particular debate. Comments like, "It's a nice dress, they might be a child but its still not appropriate for a wedding," "If she doesn't want people to wear costumes at her wedding she should be allowed to enforce that rule. It's her special day," and, "If it's a formal wedding then this is not appropriate wedding attire. #sorrynotsorry," also popped up in response to the post.

This superhero costume situation actually isn't the first time that a bride has faced backlash over trying to dictate what her guests could wear to her wedding. Last year, a bride made waves for setting a "$1,000 dress code," which required attendees to wear certain outfits based on their weights. And then there was the bride who accused a guest of trying to "upstage" her by wearing a body-con dress to her wedding. Y-I-K-E-S.

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