This Bride Had 34 Bridesmaids In Her Wedding Party

And she says she wanted more.


Narrowing down your bridesmaids can be a bit tricky, but Casme Carter, a bride from New Orleans, did things her own way: She just asked all the women she loves to be in the wedding! The result? She had 34 bridesmaids standing next to her on the big day.

In a recent interview with CNN, Carter explained that she has six sisters and tons of girlfriends she's met at mentoring and women's empowerment groups, and she simply wanted everyone to have a role in her wedding. "I wanted them all to experience the love that they've seen, that I've been praying for and wanting. I wanted them to witness it first hand," Carter said, adding that she would have had a total of 50 women to take part if it hadn't been for scheduling conflicts.

A couple of photos from her elegant beachside celebration in Destin, Florida, offer a powerful look at how female-centered the wedding was. Carter said that when she told her husband her plan, he was initially taken aback, but soon accepted that it was just the right decision for her.

"He thought I was joking but then he was like, 'If anybody can do it.' He knows how I am and how many women are around me," she said.

Organizing so many bridesmaids might seem like a challenge, but Carter pulled the whole thing off masterfully by keeping things incredibly simple. She shared that she didn't even tell everyone how many bridesmaids there would be; instead, she started separate group chats with details and just asked everyone to bring neutral beach dresses, khakis, and bathing suits. Images from the event are proof that you can keep things easy and straightforward while still having a large event.

"Everything about this wedding was different," Carter said. "It was so amazing to have them all right beside me."

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