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Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Examples

bridal shower invite

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There are so many details that go into planning a bridal shower, and it all starts with creating the invitations. Just like wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations have etiquette of their own. For starters? It's best to give guests as much notice as possible and send them a minimum of four to six weeks in advance.

Here's exactly how to handle bridal shower invitation wording, complete with examples of real bridal shower invitations.

bridal shower invtiations

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Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Examples

The words on your invitation—along with the design—will indicate how formal or casual, how traditional or modern, the shower will be. More traditional gatherings may want to open with bridal shower invitation wording like:

  • "Please join us for a bridal shower honoring [bride]."
  • "Help us shower [bride] with love."
  • "Come celebrate [bride] before she ties the knot."

For alternative wording, try something more playful, such as:

  • "A toast to the soon-to-be Mrs."
  • "Let's help this Miss become a Mrs."
  • "Pop! Fizz! Clink! Twirl! Help us celebrate our favorite girl!"

What to Include on Bridal Shower Invitations

Now for the details. Make sure to include all of the following critical bridal shower invitation info.

The Guest of Honor's Name

If you're hosting a coed shower, make sure to include the bride's partner on the invitation so that people know this isn't a gals-only day. However, keep their name off the invitation if the party is only for the bride. It's nice of you to want to include them as a way of celebrating the couple, but doing so will leave guests confused.

The Date, Time, and Location

Make sure these are in fonts people can read easily. To make sure the date is crystal clear, spell out the month rather than using numerals. For example, write out November 6, 2017, instead of 11-6-17. And while you can include the address of the shower, in today's age of Google Maps, you can save space and just put the restaurant or venue's name. (Of course, if the shower is being held at a hostess's house, addresses still need to be included.)

A Way to RSVP and a Date to RSVP By

You'd be surprised how many people forget this very important detail. Include the name of the person guests should contact, along with a phone number or email address.

To make sure you know how much food to order or wine to buy, include an RSVP-by date so you can get a head start on the planning.

The Name of the Host or Hosts

While not required, it's always nice to include who is throwing the party, especially if there are multiple people involved. This way guests will know who to thank as well as have more than just the RSVP contact to reach out to with any questions. You don't need to provide contact information for each host, but if the hosts are relatives, it's nice to include that with their name. "Hosted by Aunt Linda, Aunt Ronda, and Aunt Leslie," for example. If all of the bridesmaids are hosting the shower, instead of listing names you can add a line at the bottom of your invitation that says, "Hosted by her loving bridesmaids."

The Registry Information

There are two ways to include the bride's registry on the invitation. The first is by directing guests to the couple's wedding website. For example, write: "For registry information, please visit [insert website here]." The other option is to simply name the stores the couple is registered at: "[Name] is registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, World Market, and Crate & Barrel." Whichever option you choose, it gets the job done.

Is It Okay to Send Email Invitations Instead?

It depends on the type of shower and who's hosting it. If the shower you're throwing is hosted by the bridesmaids and for close friends of the bride only (we're talking no family here), it's okay to use an email invitation. But keep in mind, every part of the wedding experience is special to the bride, and a printed bridal shower invitation goes a long way—especially when it comes to keeping mementos. If the shower includes family members, like grandmothers, older family, or older family friends, it's best to stick with a printed invitation; you never know what will get lost online.

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