This Bridal Salon Owner Delivered Wedding Dresses by Boat After Hurricane Florence

She takes her job *very* seriously..

Updated 09/26/18

Photo by Elisa Bricker Photography

Angela Woodcock, co-owner Camille’s of Wilmington, a bridal boutique in North Carolina, takes her job very seriously. So seriously in fact, that she refused to let the devastating flooding of Hurricane Florence ruin any of her brides' wedding days. “The show must go on when it comes to a wedding,” she said. Amen.

According to WRAL, before Hurricane Florence hit, Woodcock and her seamstresses evacuated the precious wedding dresses from the boutique. “Because of the hurricane, we wanted the dresses in our possession so that if we were safe, we knew the dresses would be safe,” Woodcock said. No gown left behind here.

Then, in the midst of the storm, the tenacious team continued working on sewing and alterations by candlelight. “With my generator I powered four things: I did my refrigerator, my freezer, a light so I could see, because we boarded the windows and the house was dark, and my sewing machine,” said Lorraine Seibold, an alterations manager at Camille’s. After all, Seibold told the local news site, Camille’s responsibility is “to make sure a bride’s dreams come true, despite the hurricane and the winds and the trees cracking around us."

After the hurricane's disastrous flooding, the only way to cross the local Northeast Cape Fear River was by boat, which is exactly what Woodcock did—just with a few non-traditional essentials. She grabbed her husband and the wedding dresses (safely wrapped in a plastic tote), determined to get the gowns to their brides.

“I held onto that tote,” Woodcock told WRAL. “I had a life jacket on; the tote had a life jacket on. And we were getting those dresses there. We were determined.”

“This was precious cargo on that boat," she continued. "I held onto it so tight, like, this dress cannot go overboard."

Luckily, Woodcock’s special deliveries arrived safely, in pristine condition, and in the most memorable way possible. Woodcock said, “Well, here's an interesting story for your wedding: Your dress came here by boat today.”

In addition to wedding dresses, Woodcock dropped off water and supplies to neighbors on the other side of the river. The bridal salon also plans to donate 10 percent of their September sales to victims of Hurricane Florence.

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