From Romantic to Rustic, a Hairstyle to Suit Every Wedding Theme

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With so many gorgeous hairstyles to choose from for your wedding day, it can be overwhelming to narrow it down to just one look. The right hairstyle should not only be special, but seamlessly fit with your makeup, jewelry, dress, and, of course, your wedding theme. From traditional to boho, we've narrowed down the best hairstyles to go with your wedding theme!

Traditional: Chignon (Above)

The classic chignon perfectly complements a traditional wedding. Sleek and chic, this timeless hairstyle won't have you looking back at pictures years from now wondering what you were thinking. Even better, it looks equally great with or without a veil and goes with any wedding dress. Wear the bun low at the nape of your neck if your dress has a plunging back or higher up if your gown has a halter neckline. While extensions can add volume, think twice before using these in a bun; when piled into an updo, they can become heavy and weigh your head down. Make sure your hairstylist lightly sprays your chignon to keep the look elegant and polished. If you want a messier look, ask your hairstylist to loosen a few wisps to frame your face. For a finishing touch, add a flower or hair accessory.

Boho Wedding Hairstyle
Alicia Lucia Photography

Boho: Down With Braids

Soft, wild, and natural waves or curls accented with braids are key to mastering the boho bridal look. There are many variations to this style, but wearing it long, loose, and free-flowing over your shoulders embodies the best of the bohemian free spirit. Ask your stylist for a slightly undone look that's still refined. For an updated twist on the beloved flower crown, tuck fresh flowers into braids or weave in a delicate hair accessory.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyle
Mariel Hannah 

Vintage: Hollywood Curls

If you're taking a step into the past for your wedding, don't let that stop with your hair. Take some inspiration from Hollywood starlets of the 40s to get shiny, vintage waves for the big day. Stunning and glamorous, this look never really went out of style and is a special alternative to your everyday curls. Plus, it works for any hair length, whether you're rocking a bob or long locks. Make it clear to your hairstylist that you want your tresses to be reminiscent of the 1940s. A crème gloss helps give your waves a smooth finish, and volumizing mousse will help pump up thin hair without weighing it down.

Rustic Wedding Hairstyle
Kelsey Combe Photography

Rustic: A Low Pony

Ponytails aren't confined to just your workouts; they're also a stylish option for your wedding day, and particularly fitting for a rustic bash. Not too done up, but not lacking in sophistication, the look still remains chic, much like a bucolic fête. This style can be as simple or detailed as you want, whether you prefer curls or straight tresses or braids or a twist. Wrap about half an inch of hair around the base of your ponytail to keep the look from being too casual—no one wants to see a hair tie peeking through!

Glam Wedding Hairstyle
Sarah Kate Photo

Glam: Side Swept Curls

Glossy on one side and voluminous on the other, side-swept curls are perfect for brides who wear their hair down daily but want a more formal, glammed-up version for their wedding day. While different, this simple and elegant look isn't as far out of your comfort zone as an updo would be, creating the perfect compromise. This hairstyle also looks beautiful done in waves or gathered into a side pony. It's also a great way to show off a dress with a killer back. This style works best with day-old hair; ask your stylist to tease the crown on the side-swept side if you want more volume.

Romantic Wedding Hairstyle
Michelle Landreau

Romantic: Half-Down/Half-Up

Can't decide between an updo or flowing tresses? Get the best of both worlds with a half-down/half-up style, which keeps the hair out of your face while still giving you the chance to wear those coveted curls. This romantic look is highly favored among many brides for its versatility. Modify the look with a sky-high crown, keep it sleek as you please, or pull the front pieces back into an inverse knot or a waterfall braid—just a few of many options! As refined or stylish as you want it, this style is even more romantic when paired with a strapless dress or sweetheart neckline.

Whimsical Wedding Hairstyle
Alexandra Grace Photography

Whimsical: Fishtail Braid

This look screams backyard or garden wedding with a dash of whimsy. Much like a whimsical wedding, a fishtail braid is quirky, unexpected, and playful with a hint of romance and dash of boho. A twist on both the side-swept look and the average braid, this hairstyle is made for the bride with personality. If the rest of your wedding style is chicer, keep the plait classic and silky. If your style is more casual, have your hairstylist incorporate texture by pulling on the plait for a messier look and loosening a few pieces around the face.

Beach Wedding Hairstyle
Carmen Santorelli

Beach: Tousled Waves

Casual, tousled waves are ideal for a laid-back beach affair. Like the beach, this carefree look is relaxed, and in tune with both the ocean's rolling waves and the ceremony's light atmosphere. Plus, they won't run the risk of falling due to a balmy breeze the way curls or an updo would. While this style is far from elaborate and best when slightly messy, do ask your hairstylist to use a serum or spray that helps fight frizz in the humidity. A sea salt spray will also help give you that sought-after beachy texture.

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