What Trends to Expect at Bridal Fashion Week

From the experts

Alyssa Greenberg

Bridal Fashion Week kicks off today! And if you're hanging on to every single wedding dress moment like we are—and following along as we take you behind the scenes at all of the designer shows!—you'll want to know exactly what to expect. Twice a year bridal designers showcase their latest collections and brides-to-be get a look at all the upcoming trends in wedding dresses. While we don't know exactly what's coming—though we did get an exclusive preview of what those dresses will look like—we tapped Houghton designer Katharine Polk to give us her take on the fall 2019 wedding dress collections. Here, the fashion and bridal designer breaks down what trends we'll see all over the bridal runways.

Romantic and feminine gowns

“While this sounds pretty straightforward for bridal season, I think designers are really making a conscious effort to design light, airy, and feminine gowns that are both beautiful and whimsical, mainly made of chiffon. Designers are stepping away from heavily beaded and corseted/structured looks. This season will call for romantic silhouettes, making any bride look like she’s straight out of a romance novel.”

Shades and pops of color

“I foresee designers playing with prints and palettes of pale, pastel colors. Whether it be a sliver of fun print under a tulle or lace overlay or full skirts in diffused chiffon prints, this trend is sure to stay. It is subtle, yet fun!”

Bridal Jackets and Capes

“Jackets and capes are going to be a major trend and on every designer’s runway this year! We’ll see everything from motorcycle and denim jackets to chiffon capes.”

Diamond Hair Accessories

“I see diamond hair accessories making a big splash on the runway this year—think pins and hair clips embellished with delicate pave diamonds, holding back romantic curls, waves, or veils. Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of lifelong romance—they look amazing with any hairstyle and represent true love—everything a bride is looking for! With the overall theme focused on looking dreamy and effortless, diamonds will be a key component for this NY Bridal Fashion Week.”

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