Update Your Up-Do: 4 Fresh Twists on the Classic Bridal Bun

Updated 10/12/16

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Up, down, or somewhere in between, there seems to be a million and a half ways to do wedding day hair. But one of our forever faves is an oldie but a goodie. You can't get more classic than saying "I do" with your locks done up in an elegant bridal bun. But we're not talking about the tightly pulled-back updo that your grandma's rocking in her wedding photos. It's a look that'll never go out of style — that's for sure — but nowadays the look to fresher and can be as unique as the bride wearing it. Yes, the new way to do a bridal chignon is one part ballerina, one part cool girl, and totally chic. And hairstylist extraordinaire Cristian Pignatta is here to show us how it's done...

Keep It Fresh

"I always start with a basic style, then add originality with details like twists," says Pignatta. For example, he likes to divide up the hair into three ponytails, braid them together, and then pin upward.

Simplify The Front

A center part makes it modern and balances a statement gown or earrings, Pignatta says.

Prep with a Thermal Spray

It's the essential product to maintain soft texture and give your bun major hold. Spritz on damp hair and blow dry with a round brush.

Now that you've got the basics down pat, it's time to customize your chignon. No matter your wedding style, whether it's laid-back and super casual or a black tie affair, a bridal bun is totally appropriate with just a few modern tweaks and unexpected details.

Zoe Lonergan


A twist leading into a bun is the perfect medium between done and undone.

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Clean and oh-so-sleek. Keep a shine spray on hand for a polished finish.

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A few face-framing wisps always make an intricately woven style appear effortless.

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Put down the iron! Enhancing your natural texture is the easiest way to look timeless — not old-fashioned.

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