Everything You Need To Know About Attending a Wedding While Breastfeeding

Here's how to ensure a fun (and leak proof!) night

Photo by Vienna Glenn Photography

Every new mom can agree that they deserve a night out! So, when that wedding invite comes in the mail, it's okay to be a bit giddy that you will have an excuse to dress up, drink freely, eat cake, and more importantly be child-free for the night, or the opposite—that you will get to show off your new arrival to the masses! But if you are breastfeeding, that giddiness soon turns to anxiety as you think of all the drastic situations that could occur—i.e. looking like a spotted lactation leopard or leaking all over the dance floor.

Here are three tips to ensure a fun and spill proof night:

1. Wear An Easy Access Dress

Get your minds out of the gutter—easy access to either nurse or pump. Deep V wrap dresses or strapless maxi dresses are great options, especially if baby is in tow and you need to nurse on the run. Think ahead and wear something that is hassle free and you don't need help unzipping!

2. Buy a Hand Pump

Ditch the big electric pump and all of its Frankenstein pieces and parts and opt for an old school manual hand pump instead. It fits snuggly in your purse and there is no need to plug it in, making it easier to pump (and possibly dump) anywhere. Also don't forget some pump wipes, so you don't need to worry about washing it out in a sink.

3. Double Nursing Pads

When you are nursing early on, it really does seem like your boobs have a mind of their own. Even other babies crying can have you spurting like a sprinkler! When it comes to big events, be sure to take extra precaution because you will likely not be pumping or feeding as often as you would at home, which means leakage is more likely to occur. Try doubling up with a cloth pad behind the disposable nursing pad, and bring extra.

Take these easy steps and plan ahead of time, so you can spend more time dancing to Bruno Mars and less time worrying about all of that milk!

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