Behind-the-Scenes Details From the Breaking Dawn Wedding

Updated 11/18/11

Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Bella and Edward finally say "I do" in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, which hits theaters today. Production designer Richard Sherman spills secrets from the set:

The inspiration was Shakespearean.

*We didn't want to go the vampire route—you know, red, dripping chandeliers. So we ended up with a "Midsummer Night's Dream" feel. I went to Stephenie Meyer with the idea and she said, "Great." *

It's an at-home wedding.

We filmed the outdoor scenes in Vancouver. This is the first time we actually go in the Cullen family's backyard. They live in a forest with a river going through the back. We found the perfect location for it.

The earth is their aisle runner.

There's no real aisle. It's green moss with itty-bitty white flowers that are sprouting up to create a path.

The pews are very Pacific Northwest.

The seating is formed from twigs. They're covered in moss, and ferns are growing up through them. It's magical.

The ceremony's focal point is blooming.

Bella and Edward get married under a canopy of wisteria branches. The whole area looks as if it's raining white flowers.

The reception is totally forest-chic.

The tablecloths are made of silk-organza leaves, so when you walk by, they just flutter. The silverware looks like it's made of little branches and twigs, and the chairs are all covered in leaves.

The honeymoon is, um, active.

Bella and Edward arrive in Rio and dance in the streets in Lapa. Then they go to Isla Esme, where they visit waterfalls, go swimming, and explore the rainforest. Then [spoiler alert!] suddenly, she's pregnant and showing in a very short amount of time.

The bed isn't vampire-proof.

Edward is very strong, so we had to make a bunch of beds. We broke them very artistically.

—BRIDES magazine

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