THIS Is What a $2 Million Wedding Looks Like (Spoiler: It's Insane)

Dianaign via Instagram

Kimye, step aside. There's a new mindbogglingly extravagant wedding that's got our jaws dropping. The son of Russian billionaire Samvel Karapetyan, 23-year-old Sargis Karapetyan, just tied the knot with his beautiful bride, 25-year-old Salome Kintsurashvili, and dropped a reported $2 million on the big day because, well, he could. So what exactly does a wedding with a $2 million non-budget-budget look like? Brace yourselves, y'all...

The father of the groom is sitting pretty at number 28 on the Forbes Russian Rich List, so obvi he picked up the tab for his son and new daughter-in-law's big day, which featured flower walls (several, of course), towering centerpieces (naturally), an legit forest in the luxe reception hall, and a nine-tiered wedding cake that measured in at over 19 feet tall. Oh and three couture costume changes for the bride, floor-to-ceiling photos of the newlyweds, a lighting installation that belongs in the MoMA , and a diamond Tiffany & Co. tiara. Oh and their little wedding band? Maroon 5. Yup. And the Armenian president came, according to The Daily Mail. Because, of course he did. (Even if you had a country to run, would you skip this wedding if you scored an invite?)

For her walk down the aisle, the bride donned a dazzling Elie Saab long-sleeved wedding gown with a floor-dusting train and covered in glittering embellishments. Next up, a lace Alessandra Rich dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline for the wedding portraits. And finally, she changed into a traditional Armenian wedding dress for a cultural dance with her new hubby. But honestly, we'd be too tired at the point for a twirl around the dance floor after all those costume changes... The bride also accessorized her luxe looks with a diamond and pearl headpiece, supposedly the same Tiffany Savoy one Carey Mulligan wore in The Great Gatsby. (Of course.)

The reception hall/mansion/castle was decked out in crystal chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling florals, and gigantic posters of the bride and groom. Guests walked through the entrance that held gigantic trees on either side, adorned with fresh flowers and twinkling lights for a fairytale forest effect, to get to the main party space where their senses were assaulted with even more blooms that covered everything from the walls to that unreal wedding cake. That florist had quite a weekend, didn't she?

And now about that wedding band... It's estimated that they paid Maroon 5 around $500,000-800,000 to play the gig, and the bride sent teenage hearts everywhere exploding when she joined Adam Levine on stage for an impromptu sing-along.

Jealous? Yeah, us too...

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