It's Beyoncé and Jay Z's Anniversary, So Let's Throw It Back to Where It All Began—Their Wedding

A look back at the power couple's 2008 wedding

Beyonce and Jay Z

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On this day in 2008, The Knowles-Carter dynasty first began its rule over our hearts, Spotify playlists, and social media feeds. Now, a decade later, Beyoncé and Jay Z have an unbelievable 10 years of marriage under their belt and we have more couple #goals than we know what to do with.

While the couple has admitted through interviews and song lyrics that it hasn't always been easy (and what relationship is, really?), the pair has stayed strong and "Crazy In Love" over the past 10 years, and to celebrate this momentous milestone, we're throwing it back to where it all began: Beyoncé and Jay Z's wedding day.

Over the past year, the power couple teased a joint tour and expanded their brood with the addition of twins, Rumi and Sir Carter. But way back in 2008, Jay Z and Beyoncé were tying the knot in a super-secret wedding. Like, absurdly secret. Without even announcing that they were engaged, the superstar duo was spotted picking up their marriage license in New York in April 2008. It was later confirmed that the pair had made it official on April 4, but it took six months for Beyoncé to address her marriage publicly. And then it took years for her to bless us with some photos of the nuptials!

It wasn't until Beyoncé and Jay Z's 2014 On the Run tour that the Beyhive was first sent abuzz with clips of the couple's wedding video. Throughout the concert, shots of the ceremony flashed on screen—from Mr. and Mrs. Carter saying their vows, to Jay Z slipping a wedding ring on Bey's blue-manicured fingers.

THEN, in April of 2016, the world was sipping on Bey's Kool-Aid, ahem, lemonade yet again with the release of the Grammy winner's visual album Lemonade on HBO. The world premiere revealed even more never-before-seen clips of her and Jay's wedding. An adorable clip of the gorgeous bride and groom cutting their wedding cake, with Bey feeding Jay-Z a little slice, was almost too much to handle.

And because the world will never tire of seeing this "***Flawless" pair, both Beyoncé herself and the mama of the bride, Tina Knowles, celebrated the couple's ninth anniversary last year by sharing some more sweet moments from that romantic day in 2008.

Tina Knowles posted a photo to Instagram of her daughter and son-in-law departing the altar as husband and wife, looking as joyous as ever. "9 years already??? Congratulations to the Carters on their Anniversary," she wrote.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé released a new music video for her 2015 hit "Die With You," dedicated to her hubby. In a preview she posted to the 'Gram, the footage shows scenes from Bey and Jay's wedding, the couple getting matching tats, and more.

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Since that fateful 2008 date, Beyoncé and Jay Z have added to their fam with the addition of their six-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, and most recently their nine-month-old twins, slayed together onstage, and launched new, game-changing music. We can't wait to see what's next for the decade-crushing duo.

Because who run the world? Bey and Jay.

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