The Best Wedding Moments from Beverly Hills, 90210


Admit it, you loved Beverly Hills 90210. We understand, our formative years were filled with Brenda, Brandon, Dylan, Kelly, Steve, Donna, David and Andrea. Some of our first wedding memories were even straight from our favorite West Beverly High drama. Remember when Jackie and Mel had to get married at the Walsh house? What about Dylan's unforgettable cliffside ceremony with Toni? And we can't forget that time Kelly and Brandon almost became Mr. and Mrs. Walsh. We're looking back at our favorite TV wedding moments from Beverly Hills 90210.


Jackie and Mel

The gang took a break from hanging out at the Beverly Hills Beach Club to stir up some serious drama at Jackie and Mel's wedding at Casa Walsh — the first "I dos" to take place in the series. Kelly, Brenda, and Donna were a vision in bubble gum pink halter bridesmaid dresses, and we even got a Brenda and Dylan wedding fantasy that fueled our teenage wedding dreams (above)! Oh yeah, Kelly and David officially became brother and sister.


Andrea and Jesse

Sure, Andrea and Jessie were a snooze fest of a couple, but there was something sweet about their shotgun courthouse ceremony. Brandon Walsh gave away the bride.

Dylan and Toni

Spoiler alert: This is the saddest episode of Beverly Hills 90210! Dylan finally escapes the Brenda and Kelly love triangle to find true love with Noxzema Girl extraiordinaire Toni Marchette. She's perfect in a sleek halter gown, with her naturally curly hair beautifully accessorized by a statement veil. Sadly the brides is gunned down by her own father when he mistakes her for Dylan. They didn't even get a honeymoon. Dylan McKay continued to brood until the end of time.


Brandon and Kelly

The wedding never happened, but you'd be hard pressed to find a more 90s bride than Jennie Garth's Kelly Taylor in a beatau-neck, cap-sleeved a-line wedding dress. Donna's curly tendrils adorned with floral pins was also pretty perfect. They didn't go through with the wedding, but still had the party for their guests We wouldn't have been able to say no to marrying Brandon Walsh, but that's just us.

David and Donna

It was a classic TV finale wedding for high school sweethearts David and Donna. Donna got the ultimate Peach Pit dream and had Nat walk her down the aisle. Admit it, you still cry at that end scene with the whole gang, including a returning Val and Andrea, dancing in slow motion to the greatest TV theme ever?

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