Real Life Excuses for RSVPing No to a Wedding

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A little white lie never hurt anybody right? We've all been there before: you get invited to so-and-so's wedding and for whatever reason, you're just not super stoked on it. So you either grin and bear it and go or make up a somewhat reasonable excuse that gets you out of it. For better or worse, here are some of the best and worst excuses guests have given for RSVPing no.

Paintball Rules

"I know I sound awful, but I'm not a big fan of my cousin and really didn't want to go to her destination wedding. So I told her I had a paintball tournament that weekend, which I did, and had to attend that instead. Maybe I should have come up with a better excuse because I know the paintball thing was probably insulting. Oh well! Needless to say, she didn't attend my wedding when I got married, which I'm kind of happy about." *— Danielle *

Zika Fears

"My cousin was having a destination wedding in Mexico, and we used the excuse that we were going to be trying for a baby soon and we couldn't risk it due to Zika. Worked like a charm! And it was kind of true except we don't plan on starting to try before her wedding." *— Teresa *

Another Wedding

"We used this one recently even though the other wedding we had to go to was on that Friday (not Saturday) so technically we could have made it to both. The one we opted out of though was a few hours drive and we weren't that close to the couple so we didn't feel too bad." *— Naomi *

Super Pregnant

"This was the best excuse ever (for everything really) and it was true too! A friend of mine from college that I wasn't really in touch with much anymore invited me to her wedding, which was a month before my due date and a plane trip away. Obviously I wouldn't have been able to fly at that point so it was an easy out for me." *— Caila *

Guilt Trip

"We had so many weddings to attend last year, two of them being out of town, so we used the excuse that we had already planned a family vacation a year in advance to get out of one destination wedding. Well, we hadn't actually planned anything yet but we did wind up booking a family trip during that time so that we could enjoy an actual vacation that wasn't just for someone's wedding. Oops!" *— Shaelyn *

Explosive Diarrhea

"No one asks questions when you use this excuse! I was actually feeling pretty shitty (ha!) and wasn't that close to the bride. She was also having a huge wedding and I knew I wouldn't be missed. I offered to pay for my plate at the wedding, which she declined, and she was so sympathetic that I had a bad stomach bug. I feel bad in retrospect that I lied but what can you do now?" *— Meg *

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