24 Best Wedding Registries for Pots and Pans

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Creating your wedding registry is one of the most fun activities to check off your wedding planning list (right up there with cake tasting!). But given that you can register for just about anything, just about anywhere, figuring out where to register for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming. That's why we've compiled all of the best brands—small and large—across all categories. First up, pots and pans! Of course, lots of places will allow you to consolidate everything on your list, so we would be remiss not to mention these heavy hitters before we get into the more specific brands.

5 Best Universal Registries for Pots and Pans

1. Amazon

Move your wedding registry into the digital age with Amazon! With Amazon's universal registry, you can even add items found on different sites, but we have a feeling you'll be able to curate a great selection of kitchenware right there on Amazon.

2. Zola

With a Zola registry, you can register for over 50,000 gifts, experiences, and funds—all in one place. You can also add gifts from any other store to your Zola registry. And since you can add gifts from any store, plus have the ability to receive group gifts and get a 10 percent discount on Zola for an entire year after your wedding (even on items that weren't originally on your list), this is one of the best wedding registry sites and worth serious consideration, especially when it comes to luxury kitchenware.

3. NewlyWish

NewlyWish is a registry aggregate that combines a curated list of stylish products, experiences, and honeymoon excursions with offsite products. That means you can choose items from different retailers and still register for the funds to go on your dream getaway—a well-stocked kitchen and a fabulous honeymoon? Sign us up!

4. MyRegistry

Prefer one-of-a-kind kitchen accessories from unique boutiques vs. big box stores? With MyRegistry, you can do just that, plus register for cooking classes to learn how to put your new pots and pans to good use.

5. Blueprint Registry

This unique online registry lets you add products to one list from big-box retailers or your favorite local store. You can search for and add gifts by room (like your kitchen), designate pricier items as a group gift, or even register for cash-based gifts like a honeymoon fund, date nights, or a fund for your favorite charity.

10 Best Specialty Registries for Pots and Pans

1. Calphalon

A classic in cookware, Calphalon recently came out with stackable sets which we love (so much easier for small spaces!).

2. Mauviel

One of the highest-end pot-and-pan brands, Mauviel makes beautiful copper cookware.

3. Staub

For all your coq au vin (and more) needs, Staub has some of the best Dutch ovens.

4. All-Clad

Midrange price-wise, All-Clad is constantly coming out with new lines, plus it has some great collections for newbies in the kitchen.

5. Lodge

Some of the best cast-iron pans out there—if you're not on the cast-iron bandwagon yet, you best get on board. Thank us later.

6. Dansk

With the cutest and most colorful collection of enamel-coated steel, Dansk does it all—from a butter melter (yes, that's a thing) to casserole dishes.

7. Le Creuset

It doesn't get more classic than Le Creuset! Plus, so many fun colors and shapes to choose from.

8. Zwilling

Not just for knives! Although that's what they're known for, they have tableware, pots, pans, and more.

9. Bialetti

Known for classic coffeemakers, this Italian company also packs a mean punch in the cookware department.

10. Tramontina

Not one of the better-known brands, Tramontina makes a 10-inch nonstick pan that people swear by, and at an excellent price point.

9 Best Big-Box Registries for Pots and Pans

You know 'em, you love 'em...here are the top big-box stores to register for pots and pans.

1. Williams-Sonoma

2. Sur la Table

3. Crate and Barrel

4. Pottery Barn

5. Bed Bath and Beyond

6. Nordstrom

7. Macy's

8. Bloomingdale's

9. Kohl's

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