Brides Reveal the Best Wedding Gifts They Ever Received


We wanted to know: what separates a good wedding gift from a great one? According to you, the best wedding gifts are either incredibly useful or deeply sentimental. Your answers ranged from daily-use equipment you simply can't do without to those truly personal gifts that touched you emotionally. Whether you're filling out your registry or looking for ideas for a thoughtful gift, these reader-favorite presents will spark your imagination.

"My best friend of 20-plus years gave me a very long and thought out card and a photo frame of us as teens, which I had never seen before." — Samantha M.

"Our friends gave us a photo collage of each Disney character. They walked through Disney and had each character sign it." — Carrie G.

"Our Bosch vacuum cleaner. I think it was $700, and I couldn't believe someone got it for us. It's still going strong 11-plus years later." — Chiara M.

"Being able to have my parents at our wedding. They traveled from my hometown of Peru, and my in-laws paid their flights—it's something I couldn't have done even though I wanted to." — Tania S.

"When my Dad came out for our father-daughter dance dressed as my favorite superhero, Batman!" — *Kristina S. *

"A 60s cookbook 'for the busy housewife.' An obvious regift, but the dated references kept me laughing for a long time. I don't think it survived my last move, but I'll always remember it for providing some comic relief during a very stressful time in my life!" — Alena B.

"Ice cream of the Month Club! No joke. We loved it!" — Katie D.

"An autographed football from the coach of my favorite team Notre Dame!" * Bridget L.*

"My new last name! We got plenty of gifts but the greatest gift was him!" — Kara C.

"My grandmother passed away in September 2013. I inherited a diamond ring of hers but it was falling apart. I took it to my jeweler to see if he could make me a necklace to wear on my wedding day. He said he could put it in a solitaire setting or in a halo setting, which was much more expensive! I really didn't need to spend the extra money since we had other wedding expenses, so I settled for the solitaire setting. Several of my friends went behind my back and gathered money to have the diamond set in the halo setting. They gave it to me two weeks before the wedding with a poem." — Amanda J.

"My dear friend gave us the cutest basket filled with gourmet pasta, olive oil, wine, and garlic press. It was what I call a 'date night' basket, filled with the tools and ingredients to make dinner for two! Such a neat and thoughtful idea!" — Camrin E.

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