What's the Best Way to Walk Down the Aisle with Your Mom?

Updated 03/14/16

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There are so many ways to walk down the aisle, from on your dad's arm to by yourself to with your soon-to-be spouse. Another wonderful option? To head to the altar with your mom by your side. After all, who is more prepared to help you make the walk than someone who made it herself? We asked our experts: What's the best way to walk down the aisle with your mom?

If you're planning to walk down the aisle alongside a woman (namely, Mom!), you've got a few choices for how to make the walk.

The first option is to use the same form you would if you were walking with your dad, an uncle, or a brother. Have Mom stand on your right and bend her left arm (she can hold her nosegay or clutch in front of her if she'd like). Tuck your right hand into the crook of her elbow — you can either head down the aisle as-is, or she can place her right hand over yours.

The next option is to have your mom tuck her hand into your elbow, as though she were guiding and supporting you down the aisle. With Mom on your right, hold your bouquet in both hands, with your thumbs in line with your belly button. Have Mom tuck her left hand into the crook of your right elbow.

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The last option is to simply hold hands. Again, have Mom stand on your right, and take your right hand in her left hand. Hold your bouquet in your left hand, and she can hold her nosegay or clutch in her right hand.

When it comes to choosing an option, pick whatever feels most comfortable for the two of you! There's no right or wrong way to walk down the aisle with your mom, as long as she's by your side.

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