The 10 Best Sex Games for Couples That Aren't Totally Cheesy

Because sex really is all fun and games

Updated 08/22/17

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If you want to up the sexual fireworks in your bedroom (or wherever you like to get it on), the best thing to do is play! Sure, we call pleasure products “toys” and sexual encounters “play,” but sometimes you need to do more than just use it metaphorically, so actually play a game with your partner. Because sex should be fun, and there's nothing wrong with a little silliness!

Yet, there are so many cheesy adult sex games out there that make the experience less fun and oh so much more awkward. Don’t worry—here's a roundup of the 10 best sex games for couples. We promise these will work wonders and help you have a more fulfilling, super-hot sex life. Or, at the very least, serve as amazing inspiration for a whole range of sexual possibilities...wink, wink...

Dirty Dice

Sometimes you just need explicit directions to get the sexy ball rolling. I think we’ve all had enough of “I don’t know, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” Right?

These sexy dice offer a fun, non-intimidating way to up the ante in the bedroom without making you feel pushy or weird. One die offers a verb, the other a body part—and the possibilities seem almost endless.

Write a Check

If you or your partner wants to try something new and you aren’t totally sure how to ask for it, try writing a sexy check. These checks allow couples to “cash in” a sexual favor.

It opens a door for conversation around kink and fantasies you may never have thought of before. Not to mention, there is something pretty hot about a partner handing you a check for some oral. Yes, please.

Position of the Day

Tired of the same old missionary and cowgirl routine? Try these playing cards to change it up.

Not everyone wants to pull up a Cosmo article on her phone right before sex to show her partner a new position she wants to try. It’s a lot hotter to make a game of it and seductively pull a card from the stack.

Naughty Date Night

These cards not only make for a hotter sex life, they are also great for renewing emotional intimacy. With over 100 different kinds of "naughty" and "nice" date-night ideas, you and your partner will be pushed out of your comfort zone to try new restaurants, activities, and, of course, sex positions.

Kamasutra Starter Kit

The Kamasutra is the heart of what good sex is about. Where do you even start? It’s not all about pretzel sex positions. It’s about sensual touch and connection, something we often forget in our hectic lives.

This adorable, sexy starter kit comes with everything you need to kick off sexual experimentation. From almond massage oil to a feather tickler, you’ll be soaring to new sensory heights in no time.

Role Play

Communicating about different role-play fantasies can feel a little weird. How do you even tell someone you want to be a sexy gym coach or naughty math teacher? Maybe you don’t even know what kind of role play you might be into.

No worries—this role-playing game allows you to try a host of different personas on for size. You might find that you thought you wanted to be a sexy cop, but it turns out you’re much more turned on being a sexy handyperson.

Sexy Massage

Nothing starts up the sexual engines like a massage. The problem? Giving a massage is pretty exhausting. These massage cards take the boring out of massaging your partner. Each offers a bunch of easy-to-do techniques to try.

Bonus: The game even comes with real professional-style massage oil.

Truth or Dare

Suspense and nerves light up electric sexual heat. This luxurious box of cards is nothing like the old Truth or Dare you played in school. The best part? None of the commands or questions are cheesy. Cards range from “Kiss me goodbye like it’s the last time you’ll ever see me” to “Tell me about a fantasy you’ve always had but didn’t want to tell.” Trust me, it’s hot.

Basic Bondage

If you’re interested in trying kink, get this fun and simple bondage-for-beginners kit. If you’re going to try bondage play, you should always start simple. To make it a game, start by allowing your partner to handcuff you (or handcuff your partner) and check in periodically to make sure he or she is comfortable.

If so, place the blindfold over his or her eyes. Before doing anything sexual, start with a massage and allow your partner to engage in his or her senses. You’ll find that the constant communication can help you feel closer and more connected.

Sex Questions Conversation Starter

For the ultimate in foreplay, try check out these 100 sex questions cards. These are for you sex nerds out there who love philosophically discussing sexuality. These cards ignite a whole range of interesting sexual topics of conversation.

They give you a chance to deeply discuss fantasies and ideas about sexuality that you may have never thought of before—a sapiosexual dream!

Gigi Engle is a sex educator and writer living in NYC. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.

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