44 Sweet, Romantic, and Quirky Couple Nicknames

What's your favorite term of endearment?

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When it comes to your significant other, chances are you rarely ever call them by their real name. Instead, you probably have sweet nicknames that you've been using for as long as you can remember. If you don't, or if you're at the start of a new relationship, and are in need of a little inspiration, we've got you covered. We rounded up the very best couple nicknames—from the totally timeless to the trendy and new school—to consider using with your partner. These special monikers are clever and cute, and we're sure you'll find the perfect nickname for your significant other here.

1. Babe

If you're looking for a classic nickname, you can't go wrong with this staple.

  • "We have the same nickname for each other: 'Babe.' I only use his government name when I'm mad." —Tatiana
  • "I really only call my husband 'Babe.' He calls me 'Babe' as well." —Randi

2. Baby

"Baby" is another go-to nickname that will stick even after you have kids.

  • "Mostly 'Baby.' We've both done it so long that it's almost the other person's name." —Ashley
  • "'Baby.' It's the only nickname that's really consistent." —Natasha

3. (My) Beloved

"My beloved" was once the most popular term of affection. It still communicates a certain old-world romanticism.

4. Darling

While some nicknames may feel a bit too cutesy or twee to be uttered when others are present, "Darling" is certainly not one of them. It evokes all the warm fuzzies while still maintaining an air of sophistication.

5. Love

Pure, poetic romance. Calling your partner "love" or "my love" needs no explanation and is perfectly suitable around external parties.

6. Love Bug

All the affection of the aforementioned "love," mixed with a slightly more tender approach.

7. Lover

This nickname will certainly get your partner's attention.

8. Hot Stuff

Turn up the heat! "Sexy pants" is another classic in the same vein.

9. Honey

"Honey" is perhaps the most popular pet name in the history of pet names.

  • "Nine times out of 10 I call him 'Honey.''" —Kay
  • "I pretty much strictly refer to my husband as 'Honey,' so he's used to it now." —Karen

10. Honey Bunny

"Honey Bunny" is an affectionate twist on the always trendy "Honey."

  • "One day, I started calling my fiancé 'Honey Bunny.' I don't know why. It rhymes and just rolls off the tongue so easily. He was embarrassed at first, but now we call each other that when we need a good laugh." — Crystal
  • "I call him my 'Honey Bunny' because he is very sweet to me and because I love cuddling with him." —Dianne

11. Honey Bun

Of course, if you're pressed for time—or caption character limits—a shorter iteration may make for a better fit. "Honey Bun" offers all the sweetness of its longer predecessor, with a slightly more serious panache.

12. Sunshine

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..." Is there a better nickname to call someone who lights up your world?

13. Tesoro

"Tesoro" is Italian for "treasure" and is commonly used as a reference to one's partner. Swoon!

14. Bear

"Bear" is the perfect nickname for a big, cuddly partner.

  • "I call my fiancé 'my Bear.' He has broad shoulders and a handsomely thick beard. He looks like a bear and he gives the best bear hugs ever." —Melissa
  • "I call him 'Osito,' Spanish for 'little bear.'" —Robyn

15. Lamb Chop

In the same sense, "lamb chop" or "lamby" is perfect for a partner who pulls at your heartstrings.

16. (My) Steady

In the '50s, a "steady" was someone you were exclusively dating or "going steady" with. We love the retro sweetness of it.

17. Main Squeeze

Another oldie but a goodie. "Main squeeze" was once slang for someone's exclusive partner.

18. Pumpkin

"Pumpkin" is definitely one of the cutest nicknames out there.

  • "'Dear' or 'Babe' when we're alone, 'Pumpkin' when we're around people." —Jeni
  • "We use 'Pumpkin Face' or 'Pumpkin Head' a lot. Silly, I know, but it works." —Sam

19. Dear

It wouldn't be a thorough nickname roundup without mentioning this staple. You may recall your parents and grandparents affectionately using the term, but this loving label is as timeless as they come.

20. Nugget

We might have Chelsea Handler to thank for this lil' nugget of a nickname.

  • "'Nug' or 'Nugget.' I'm not exactly sure how it started but even our friends know that's what we call each other." —Elise
  • "'Nugget,' but only in private or else he'd kill me." —Liz

21. Boo

They'll always be your boo, right?

  • "We call each other the usual ones like 'Babe' and 'Baby' but also 'Boo' and 'Booboo.'" —Mandi
  • "'Booboo,' which is funny because that's the nickname we use for my cat, too." —Bri

22. Beau

Pronounced "bo," this French transplant may have been the predecessor of the more modern "boo." The slightly more old-fashioned "beau" was once a staple for referring to one's gentleman companion. "Belle" is the female alternative but is less commonly used.

23. Bae

Let's not forget this contemporary iteration for the social media savvy amongst us. FYI: It's actually an acronym for "before anyone else."

24. Sweetheart

Another tried-and-true classic and it comes complete with variations on a theme: "Sweets," "Sweetness," etc.

25. Sweetie

"You're doing amazing, sweetie!" Kris Jenner may have been on to something with her famously trademarked saying, but the affectionate nickname is a staple for most romantic partners.

  • "Sweetheart' and 'Sweetie' are literally the only nicknames for my husband I'll use. Everything else just feels unnatural." —Kristi

26. Sweetie Pie

Sometimes short and sweet just doesn't cut it. "Sweetie Pie" is a slightly longer yet far more delectable iteration of "Sweetie."

27. Penguin

A penguin is one of the cutest animals ever, so it's absolutely fitting that your significant other be called a penguin.

  • "I call him 'Penguin' because penguins love each other forever. They choose their mates, and mate for life." —Sarah

28. Muffin

Who doesn't love muffins? No one. This breakfast pastry is the perfect pet name for the sweetness in your life.

29. Dimples

If they've got 'em! Show your appreciation for that heart-melting dimpled smile.

30. Goat

This is one of those insider nicknames that only the couple understands.

  • "I call my husband Brandon 'Goat,' but it really is an acronym. G.O.A.T.: greatest of all time." —Amber

31. Snuggle

Now here's a warm and comforting insider pet name.

  • "One day I told my husband Greg that he was the best snuggler ever. And then he said I was the best snuggler ever. And for the last four years, I've called him 'my Snuggle.' —Bekah

32. Papa Bear / Mama Bear

If you're starting a family or already have a bundle of babies (fur babies count, too!), these nicknames fit the bill perfectly.

33. Sugar

If your person is as sweet as sugar, this nickname makes perfect sense.

  • "I've always called him 'Sugar.' Sometimes I take it a step further and call him 'Sweet Sugar Honey Man.' It's tongue-in-cheek, but he loves it." —Marilyn

34. Shug

Some say the shorter the pet name the sweeter the love. That may just be the case with this clipped version of "Sugar."

35. Snookums

An endearing favorite that was around long before Snooki took MTV by storm.

  • "We call each other 'Snooks', which is short for 'Snookums.' My husband initially heard me calling my niece 'Snooks' because she was upset about something and he started calling me that as well." —Rachel
  • "Snook Snook.' Or 'Snookels.' I don't know why." — Ericka

36. Pookie

It doesn't get any cuter than calling your partner this.

37. Cutie

Unless, of course, you come right out and address their inherent cuteness.

38. Beautiful / Handsome

Who doesn't melt when being addressed with such adoration?

39. (Ma) Jolie

This French pet name directly translates to "(my) beauty" or "(my) cutie." But alas, everything sounds better in a romance language. (And notably less creepy than "my pretty.")

40. Butt

Who would have thought that the word "butt" could be used so creatively as a term of endearment?

  • "We're pretty crass toward each other, so my favorite nickname for him is 'Boogerbutt.'" —Alix
  • "Ours are hilarious, especially when I accidentally call him by them in front of other people: 'Lovely Buns,' 'Mr. Bun,' and 'Squishbutt.'" —Taylor

41. Pudding

Calling your special someone "Pudding" is sheer Southern charm.

42. Chickadee

A darling, retro reference to the adorable song bird in your life.

43. Any Unique Shortening of Their Real Name

The more creative the better. You wouldn't want their sibling or colleagues one-upping you on this one.

44. Their Middle Name

Show off your familiarity with some trivia. The lesser known their middle name, the greater the fun.

While there's no right or wrong way to choose a nickname for your partner, it's important to remember that you shouldn't have to force anything. What you call your partner should feel natural and fitting for your relationship—if none of the above ideas to suit the two of you as a pair, find what works for you instead. After all, these ideas are meant to be just that: Use them as inspiration to find your own special nickname for your significant other.

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