The Best Sex Scenes in Movies You Can Stream Right Now

We'll even tell you at exactly what point things get hot and heavy

Updated 03/21/19

Alberto Bogo / Stocksy United

As a kid, movie sex scenes were the parts your watchful parents made sure you fast-forwarded through. As an adult, though, sometimes these sexy sequences are the ones you get off to. And to aid in your search for quality onscreen lovemaking that you don't need an incognito window to enjoy, we've rounded up 33 films on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and beyond, that you can watch online right now—and we've told you at exactly what point things get hot and heavy. (Yeah, you're welcome.)

American Pie

Sex o'clock: 36:10, 1:22:23

Some of the sexy time is interrupted with comic relief. But don't worry, we skipped the pie scene entirely.

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Art of Loving

Sex o'clock: 3:17, 23:02, 1:13:42, 1:28:30, 1:34:06

This Polish film tells the story of Michalina Wislocka, a gynecologist and sexologist determined to teach people—you guessed it—the art of loving.

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Sex o'clock: 35:13

And you thought books were just for reading...


Basic Instinct

Sex o'clock: 2:50, 34:48, 1:11:35, 1:44:31, 2:00:28

We must warn you that the first promiscuous scene of this neo-noir erotic thriller takes a nasty turn at 4:10.


Below Her Mouth

Sex o'clock: 00:01 (No joke), 23:45, 32:31, 49:27, 58:49, 1:17:10, 1:22:19

A fashion editor is all set to marry her male fiancé until she meets a woman named Dallas.

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Blue Valentine

Sex o'clock: 31:19, 38:22, 59:10, 1:05:02, 1:35:25

Michelle Williams. Ryan Gosling. That's all you need to know.

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Sex o'clock: 1:15:09, 1:23:34

A woman going through a divorce finds comfort spending time with an aspiring female photographer.

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Sex o'clock: 38:48, 1:27:18

Come for the sensuality, but stay for the enticing desserts.

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Die Another Day

Sex o'clock: 38:25, 2:07:37

Halle Berry is the Bond girl we don't deserve.

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Duck Butter

Sex o'clock: 15:16, 27:10, 30:58, 36:57, 41:26, 47:19, 1:08:08

Two ladies decide to get to know each other by having sex every hour on the hour. Why the hell not?

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Fifty Shades Freed

Sex o'clock: 8:58, 28:05, 42:50, 52:14, 1:01:34, 1:38:40

Insert joke here about the third "installment" finally bringing the trilogy to "climax."


Fragments of Love

Sex o'clock: 13:42, 22:58, 30:16, 40:30, 1:06:54, 1:25:49

A woman regales her latest romantic interest, a music composer, with stories of her past lovers.

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Goodbye Lover

Sex o'clock: 5:14, 13:09, 22:22, 53:47, 1:09:46

Ellen DeGeneres is in this movie! She is not in the sex scenes.

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Last Night

Sex o'clock: 1:14:30

Both parties of a young married couple are tempted to cheat on the same night. (Fair warning: The sex scene is a movie spoiler.)

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Love and Other Drugs

Sex o'clock: 4:08, 30:23, 32:48, 42:25, 56:13, 1:32:07

A friends-with-benefits situation becomes complicated. But when does a friends with benefits situation not become complicated?


Lust Stories

Sex o'clock: 35:31 7 1:35:55

The Indian anthology film consists of four short segments, each exploring the messy line between love and lust.

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Sex o'clock: 7:10 (kinda), 16:42, 53:49, 1:11:35

Ahead of his own marriage, a wedding photographer develops a voyeuristic side hustle.



Sex o'clock: 5:42, 17:02, 21:37, 25:09, 49:09, 59:27, 1:01:14, 1:10:02, 1:23:27

Newness is a modern romance that explores the implications of dating app hook-ups, open relationships, and true closure.

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The Notebook

Sex o'clock: 32:18, 1:21:15

"It wasn't over for me...IT STILL ISN'T OVER." Iconic.

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Original Sin

Sex o'clock: 16:45, 32:02, 1:00:07

With so much chemistry between Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie, it's a wonder screens aren't exploding.

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Outlaw King

Sex o'clock: 45:16, 1:27:53 (for a glimpse of—forgive us—Pine wood)

In addition to a sex scene, we also get an extremely brief viewing of Chris Pine bearing "the full monty," as he put it to ET.

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Perfect Sense

Sex o'clock: 30:05, 43:20

An epidemic causes humans to lose their senses.


Reindeer Games

Sex o'clock: 18:01

Putting the X in X-mas, as it were.

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Sex and the City: The Movie

Sex o'clock: 29:40, 1:46:57

You knew this was coming. Pun intended.

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She's Gotta Have It

Sex o'clock: 5:07, 27:11, 39:36, 1:06:42

Spike Lee's classic sees an indecisive woman caught between three equally gorgeous, equally problematic men.

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Sleeping With Other People

Sex o'clock: 22:38, 42:15, 1:01:44, 1:12:30

Another movie about friends with benefits and complications!

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Spring Breakers

Sex o'clock: 31:45, 59:05, 1:20:07

Did you ever want to see a threesome starring James Franco with cornrows and a grill? Here's your chance.

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Sex and Lucía (Lucía y el Sexo)

Sex o'clock: 23:04, 28:31, 30:59, 59:10, 1:11:08, 1:17:34, 1:28:33

The name kinda says it all.

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Thanks for Sharing

Sex o'clock: 44:45, 1:05:27, 1:26:20

Three recovering sex addicts work to get their love lives back on track.


Tulip Fever

Sex o'clock: 3:39, 22:35, 31:13, 42:53

A married noblewoman has an affair with an artist. Oh, and there are lots of tulips.

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Y Tu Mamá También

Sex o'clock: 0:37, 3:36, 53:13, 1:05:14, 1:31:45

This Mexican coming-of-age tale follows two best guy friends as they set off on a cross-country roadtrip with a beautiful older woman. You can guess what happens next...

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28 Hotel Rooms

Sex o'clock: 0:55, 6:25, 8:47, 20:08, 28:10

A relationship that started as a one-night stand drives this film, which takes place entirely in various hotels.



Sex o'clock: 32:45

The regulars at Studio 54, the world-famous New York City discotheque, have more than their share of sexy secrets.


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