Here Are the Gifts That Meant the Most to These Maids of Honor

From heartfelt handwritten notes to sparkly jewels.

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Serving as a maid of honor is one of the highest social honors and a gift in its own right. Often reserved for sisters, cousins, or best friends, being a MOH is a symbol of love and friendship, but it isn't always easy! Brides often show their appreciation for their right-hand women with gifts ranging from a thoughtfully written card to spa services, jewels, and more! Check out what these maids of honor had to say about the best gifts they've received from their brides.

"This is cheesy, but the best gift I received being a MOH for my BFF was getting to share happy tears watching my friend since pre-K marry her best friend. I don't have sisters, so being able to partake in those moments with my friend was priceless and something I will never forget!" —Christina, 28

"I was the maid of honor for my best friend's wedding in St. Lucia. Going to St. Lucia was the best gift in and of itself!" —Jennifer, 38

"My sister bought me an adult onesie that says 'Matron of Honor' on the back. Anytime we are wedding planning together, I slip right into it. It's extremely comfortable and I love it! It also gives us a few good laughs from time to time." —Jenna, 32

"My sister gave everyone in the bridal party a $50 gift card to offset the cost of our bridesmaids' dresses. Then, she gifted each bridesmaid Givenchy earrings to wear on the big day, as well as monogrammed robes and hangers. For me, as her maid of honor, she also got me a trinket dish with a really sweet quote on it about sisters and, to top it all off, this gorgeous rhinestone belt to wear the day of the wedding. She told me she wanted me to stand out a bit more since I was so important to her." —Tara, 26

"My sister and I didn't do anything huge for being each other's MOHs, but what we did was just have special, prettier bouquets for each other so that we each stood out a bit in photos and during the ceremony. My sister also gave me first dibs on the style and neckline of my bridesmaid dress, which I really appreciated." —Christine, 29

"At the welcome/rehearsal dinner, my best friend surprised me with a gift before the wedding. She gave me a pair of beautiful gold and diamond earrings, and I was so surprised and stunned. They were gorgeous. I appreciated it so much, and I was so proud to wear them on the big day. I've even worn them to a few other weddings and events. I love them!" —Maggie, 28

"I received a heartfelt handwritten note that brought me to tears, and I will cherish it forever. She did a beautiful job speaking of our friendship through the years. It's the little things that mean so much more than materialistic gifts." —Pamela, 29

"My sister gave out matching necklaces and earrings to all the girls in the bridal party, but my earrings were a bit nicer and bigger, so I sparkled just a little bit more." –Megan, 33

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