And the Most Popular First Dance Song Is ..

Updated 07/17/14

Brian Leahy Photography

It's the middle of July, and that means one thing: Wedding season is in full swing! As we drink in the midsummer flowers, bright-hued wedding cakes, breezy gowns, and everything else related to summer nuptials, Spotify is doing a little wedding-related research of their own. The digital music service recently dug into all 12,000 of their user-created "First Dance" playlists in anticipation of the biggest wedding weekend of the year and came up with the top 10 most frequently-added tunes!

What topped the charts? Unsurprisingly, it was Etta James's classic long song, "At Last." Everyone from Beyoncé to Stevie Wonder has covered the tune, while the Obamas danced to it at the Inaugural Ball in 2009. Also high on the list were Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up" and Ray LaMontagne's "You Are the Best Thing." Scroll through the rest of the playlist below to see what else made the cut!

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