The 10 Best First Dance Songs of 2017

These super romantic tunes are perfect for a first dance

Updated 01/17/18

Photo by Carrie Patterson Photography

Are you on the hunt for a first dance song that isn’t “At Last” by Etta James? (Although that song is awesome, and I totally get why it’s so popular.) I spoke with some of the experts: wedding professionals who attend more weddings per year than most people attend in their life. I asked them about the best and most unique first dance songs of the past year. Here’s are the top ten first dance songs according to the experts.

Amber Marlow, a New York wedding photographer, rounded up some of the best first dance songs in this awesome blog post. While it was impossible to narrow them down, here are a few of her incredible suggestions.

For the official music video, Sara helped two couples propose. I dare you to watch without crying.

Perfect for a fall wedding, Neil sings, “Because I'm still in love with you, I want to see you dance again...On this harvest moon.”

Tracy Chapman’s voice sounds like melted butter, so literally anything she sings will do.

For a more youthful, sexy take on a first dance song, this song from Beyoncé’s fifth album is just what you need.

Mel Flannery of Mixtape Cover Band knows all about first dance songs because she’s the founder of this hipster cover band in Brooklyn. She has a knack for identifying songs with great lyrics; here are a few of her top indie suggestions:

This song sets a moody, but romantic, tone for love and life: “Strangers on this road we are on, We are not two we are one.”

Jason Isbell has a folk vibe that appeals even to city folk, and who doesn’t love this image: “So girl, leave your boots by the bed, We ain't leaving this room, Till someone needs medical help, Or the magnolias bloom”?

Another great option for a rustic or backyard wedding, this song’s lyrics are simple and sweet: “I got a pleasin' disposition, And I don't care about, Football or fishin', And you know that I'm all full of love, For you.”

This classic soul song from 1965 appeals to literally everyone. It’s a timeless classic and one that will always make your heart flutter when you hear it played.

Here are a few others you might consider:

Both New York photographer Elizabeth Mealey and South Carolina photographer Jessica Hunt can’t recommend this love ballad enough. Jessica says she had a lesbian couple dance to the song this summer, and “Since the song is for a woman, it just fit so beautifully for them.”

Pittsburgh photographer Angela Smith recommends a little R&B as the soundtrack to your love story. So turn the lights down, and get into this love song.

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