"This Is the Facial I Booked the Week Before My Wedding"

Worth. 👏 It.👏

Photo by BrittRene Photography

For those following along, I’ve been chronicling my road to the aisle—specifically as it pertains to achieving that illusive bridal glow. The last step? I locked down a session with Cynthia Rivas for a facial the week before my wedding.

Cynthia is an excellent esthetician and knows my skin well, which is super important! (The week before your nuptials is NOT the time to try something new in the realm of products, pros, or procedures. Hence why it’s essential to adopt a beauty routine a few months in advance of the big day.)

Anyway, the choice to see Cynthia was easy. More difficult—or, shall we say, complicated—was the state of my complexion after testing a slew of different facial treatments and topical regimens, at the instruction of various experts, in the months leading up to my wedding. And lest we forget the stress of wedding planning.

Needless to say she had an uphill battle. But that’s why I went to the best. Her approach? A tri-pronged plan of attack that focused on getting my skin clear, even, and hydrated. “Makeup will hide redness, but it can’t always cover up texture and dryness,” Cynthia told me.

She started with cleansing and did Dermalinfusion. For those not familiar, it sucks out pore-clogging gunk, exfoliates (creating a smooth canvas for foundation), and suffuses skin with a custom cocktail of serums. Cynthia opted for zit-zapping salicylic and thirst-quenching hyaluronic acid. Hydration is ultra important for all brides, but since my wedding was in Napa—which meant subjecting my complexion to six hours of recycled plane air the following day—she felt it imperative to add an extra boost. This came courtesy of a moisturizing mask.

The grand finale? An oxygen infusion treatment. “This is amazing to do before big events. Low molecular weight ingredients, like plumping hyaluronic acid and collagen-promoting vitamin C, are surged into the epidermis using the force of oxygen,” Cynthia explained.

Afterwards, my skin and spirits were noticeably brighter. So, yeah, I’d classify this 60-minute session as the highlight of an otherwise hectic day of dealing with last-minute wedding rain plans. Despite weather snafus, at least you can always count on a fantastic facial. Thank you, Cynthia Rivas!

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