These Are the Top 50 Engagement Photos of 2017—and They're Breathtaking

Whether or not these inspire a shoot of your own, you're bound to be wowed by their beauty

Updated 05/15/17

Junebug Weddings/Jordan Voth

We've all seen our fair share of engagement photos, and while, yes, they're all so very sweet, we've been yearning for something, um, more. Not to say there is anything wrong with your traditional park-side pre-wedding photo shoot, but we totally applaud couples—and photographers—who go outside their comfort zone to produce engagement pics that completely take our breath away. These such photos, as Junebug Weddings so carefully selected for its Best of the Best Engagement Photography Collection, don't necessarily need to be taken thousands of feet in the air or at a swanky hotel but rather show a multitude of emotions that just make you feel exactly how the couple feels in that moment.

"We brought together some of the world's best wedding photographers to help us curate this year's engagement collection, and we couldn't be prouder of the final product," Carrie Crooks, general manager and editor in chief of Junebug Weddings, said in a press release. "The 2017 collection is compelling, breathtaking, and undeniably sexy. People are going to love these photos and the stories that they tell."

The winning photos range from an intimate portrait at home to a cannonball splash in the pool to one with a super-colorful parachute background that will bring out the inner kid in you. But be warned: These are not for the faint of heart. They are that beautiful! Scroll down for 25 of our favorite images, or click here to see all of the winners.

Junebug Weddings/Daisy & The Duke
Junebug Weddings/Abigail Lauren Photography
Junebug Weddings/Tricia Victoria Photography
Junebug Weddings/Sweet Paper Media
Junebug Weddings/Terralogical
Junebug Weddings/Shari + Mike
Junebug Weddings/Hugo Coelho
Junebug Weddings/Life Is Beautiful
Junebug Weddings/Los Ébano
Junebug Weddings/Kama Catch Me Photography
Junebug Weddings/Cheese N Click Photography
Junebug Weddings/Matrimoni all'italiana
Junebug Weddings/Jordan Voth
Junebug Weddings/Candice Marie Photography
Junebug Weddings/Julia and Gil
Junebug Weddings/Sun + Life Photography
Junebug Weddings/Ron Dillon Photography
Junebug Weddings/Melissa Cervantes
Junebug Weddings/Sebastien Bicard Photography
Junebug Weddings/Story & Gold Weddings
Junebug Weddings/Diktat Photography
Junebug Weddings/Costa Vida Photography
Junebug Weddings/Sara Rogers
Junebug Weddings/Matt Stallone Wedding Photographer
Junebug Weddings/Redden Photography

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