Brides Editors Tested the Best Pre-Wedding Cleanses

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These days, cleanses come in a lot of forms—from liquid-only fasts to "clean" eating plans that cut out inflammatory foods like sugar, alcohol, and dairy. What ties them all together is that they're meant to remove impurities from your body and help you shed pounds. But before you break out that juicer (or order your wedding gown a size too small), know this: You may drop weight, but it's usually temporary. Instead, think of cleanses as a jump start to a healthier diet. "People often come off a cleanse appreciating the feeling and wanting to continue to eat healthier, and it can improve your energy, skin, and sleep," says New York City nutritionist Keri Glassman. "But I would be wary of anything that requires you to invest a lot of money or eat no solid food for a week."

We know you're curious, though. We were too. So we put five of them—from the less-intense solid-food variety to the seriously-don't-try-this-without-talking-to-your-doctor options—to the test.

BluePrint Cleanse

The Program

With the BluePrint OG plan, you get six juices a day: three vegetable-fruit juices, two fruit juice blends, one cashew milk—and no food. While the company offers six different cleanse programs ranging in length and dietary preferences, as well as a la carte juices for purchase, the company states that the OG plan is their "most classic and popular plan." It is best suited for beginners.

The Cost

$195 for three days with the option to add or reduce days at will; available at BluePrint.

The Verdict

"The first day, I felt very tired and was having fantasies about Buffalo wings. But I started to have more energy by day two," says one tester who ended the cleanse four pounds lighter, and with glowing skin. "But three of those came back when I started eating salty foods again a few days later." One complaint: the high sugar content of many of the juices. The spicy lemonade has 29 grams. (Disclaimer: the company does offer a cleanse plan targeted to low-sugar diets.)

Urban Remedy

The Program

For each day of the cleanse, you get six organic juices and have the option to add on supplements from their ready-to-eat meals (at an additional cost)—all shipped to you, ready to go. There are five cleanse programs to choose form, all of which are gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO. There is a Low-Glycemic Cleanse for those minding their sugar intake.

The Cost

$75 for per day; available at Urban Remedy.

The Verdict

Our testers raved about the raw foods and found that a juice-and-meal combo kept them full. Says one Brides editor who tried this a few weeks before her own wedding and lost four pounds: "It helped me avoid stress eating or over-indulging because I knew exactly what I had to eat each day while I was running around. And, I have to say, I felt confident and beautiful at my wedding." Post-cleanse, she's better about drinking water and has shed her sugar cravings, she says. "I went to Paris for my honeymoon, and I had no desire to eat macarons!"

iZO Cleanse

The Program

On iZO's Hardcore Cleanse (a Gwyneth fave), our editors downed 13 teas and juices in unique flavors like fennel-lemon and cilantro-avocado each day for three to 14 days. Our testers completed five days. (Disclaimer: While the Hardcore Cleanse is no longer available the company offers a similar Superfood Cleanse of nutrient powders to be blended with juices and smoothies that you make or purchase on your own.)

The Cost

$132 for three days of the Superfood Cleanse; available at iZO Living.

The Verdict

"I wasn't hungry at all because I had so much to drink. I didn't come close to finishing the juices on any of the days," reports one tester who lost seven pounds. Says another: "I usually need coffee to start my day, but I had so much energy that I didn't need it, and I felt strong enough to do hot yoga."

Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox

The Program

For 21 days, you drink a fresh greens-based juice every two hours during the day and vegetable broth for "dinner." (Yep, no chewing the entire time.) The plan includes drink mixes, protein powder, and supplements, but you use your own produce for recipes. A nine day maintenance package for the transition period right after the cleanse is also included.

The Cost

$199; available at MV Diet Detox.

The Verdict

Our tester made it the full 21 days, "cheating" only a few times by eating an apple or a spoonful of salsa. Not so surprisingly, she dropped a whopping 15 and a half pounds. "I was nervous beforehand, but it was easy to follow once I got into a routine," she says. "I slept so much better and was no longer tired during the day. Plus, my skin is so clear and bright now, I've stopped wearing foundation!"

Master Cleanse

The Program

Six to 12 glasses a day of a homemade blend of lemon juice, water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. The number of days is up to you; we did it for 10.

The Cost

Varies since you buy your own supplies.

The Verdict

Our testers found it surprisingly doable. "I missed the tactile experience of eating food, but the lemonade was delicious. I didn't get tired of it," says one tester who lost 10 pounds. The downside: "I was spacey and low-energy at times, so this would not be something to do right before the wedding."

The Tally

  • Number of testers: 11
  • Total pounds lost: 66
  • Total pounds regained: 39
  • Longest cleanse: 21 days
  • Hardest part: having a social life. "It was tough to avoid dinners out or say no to cocktails," says one tester.

Before You Cleanse

Get Cleared

Especially with some of the more extreme cleanses or if you have existing health issues, always get your doctor's okay before starting. Seriously. Do this.

Schedule it a Few Weeks to a Few Months Prior to the Wedding

Whatever you do, steer clear of the final week. Not only will you be swimming in your dress if you drop too much weight at the last minute, but reintroducing alcohol or "regular" food after a period of careful eating can cause stomach issues at first, definitely not what you want on your big day.

Expect to Be a Bit Difficult

"Side effects could include lightheadedness, constipation, and irritability," says Glassman. In other words, maybe not the optimal time to go dress shopping with your mother-in-law.

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