The 10 Best Bedding Registry Items for Your Newlywed Nest

Updated 11/10/16

Courtesy of Parachute Home

When it comes to registering for your wedding, there are certain categories you should probably be covering, across the board. The bathroom (towels), the kitchen (pots and pans, dishes), and of course the bedroom — namely focusing on your bed. And to help narrow down your search, we've collected 10 of our favorite bed linens and accessories to streamline your registering process!

Even though these sheets are marketed as being designed for men, all of their patterns are gender-neutral, and they have plenty of solid colored options. We especially love the washed solids — they're like the linen equivalent of that perfect pair of worn-in jeans.

Wrinkles — who needs 'em? Not you. We love these pillowcases because they not only prevent facial creases and protect your blowout, they're also a matte finish —not overly shiny like low-quality satin.

These all-natural pillows are a unique combo of being both firm (the keep their shape and don't do that sad, flat pillow thing) and soft. The latex ribbons in the pillows help them mold to your head and neck, too — like memory foam, but better!

4. Eskayel Throw Pillow

Sure, throw pillows can seem a dime a dozen, but this Eskayel pillow is special, in our opinion. The pattern is modern, but subtle enough of that you can mix it in with lots of different colors and styles.

Speaking of special, this is one of our all time favorite quilts, ever. We're admittedly still all into this celestial trend that still seems to be going strong, but aside from that, this quilt is just so darn well made and beautiful! We'd love to curl up with it at the end of a long day.

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When you're shopping for a duvet, it's best to look for something that will stand the test of time, quality and style-wise since it's usually an investment. Linen feels not only of-the-moment but also checks the classic box, and Coyuchi makes this duvet in the most delicious muted shades of gray!

This throw is the equivalent of your grandmother's cherished copper pots that you'll inherit, according to Food52. It's a true heritage piece, and something worth investing in (and maybe even passing down to your kids one day!).

Sferra has some of the most lux and cozy down comforters on the market — we love their Buxton Duvet, it comes in three different weights and is super plush. You'll thank us come winter!

For proper shams, there's no better place than Frette, the time-honored Italian linen company. These classics come in colors that are amenable to any palette, and wont clash with your throw pillows!

This isn't FOR your bed, per se, but this is one of our favorite bed-related products. It's a the chicest little stowaway bed roll for when you have unexpected guests, or maybe just for lounging around with your girlfriends and drinking wine. Much cooler than that ragged blow-up mattress that never seems to stay inflated all the way through the night.

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