The Best and Worst Things About Being Married

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Like everything else, marriage has its highs and its lows. Here, several women and men reveal what they love most about being married, and what they'd happily leave behind.

The Best Things About Being Married

"The best thing about being married is knowing I will get through everything with someone's love and support, and I will be able to provide that to him as well. We are best friends and have a great respect for one another."—Amanda

"The best thing about being married is having someone to share things—good and bad. If I experience something funny or that irks me, I can't wait to tell my husband so that we can laugh together or he can commiserate with me about it."—Carol

"The best part about being married is being a part of an ultimate partnership, in which each party is equally responsible for the success or failure of the venture. There are no hidden agendas, and the size of the financial contribution of one does not grant him or her more or less power—it just enhances the partnership's available resources."—Chantay

"The best thing about being married is that my husband is always in my corner. If I'm overwhelmed, he calms me down. If I'm sad, he cheers me up. If he's upset, I comfort him. He'll come home with unexpected little presents and make a so-so afternoon into a great one."—Jennifer

"The best thing about being married is knowing that no matter what, I have someone to face life with. We went through some significant struggles immediately after we got married. But because we are committed to our marriage and to each other, we both know that we will be there for each other. I know that even if I'm wrong, he will support me, and even if he's wrong, I will support him."—Elaine

"Being able to share the triumphs and failures of life with someone who accepts you as you are. My spouse encourages me to be my best and consoles me when I fall short. She is there during the sunny days and shelters me in the storms."—Michael

The Worst Things About Being Married

"The worst thing about marriage is when you're expected to do things—especially things you don't want to. This is a blanket statement for cooking, cleaning, and, of course, entertaining in-laws."—Saideh

"The worst thing about being married is the battle against the giant of selfishness—the attempt to merge two different and evolving personalities and mindsets in a win-win way. Compromise doesn't always work, because it can leave both partners frustrated."—Chantay

"The worst thing about being married is that we are both very introverted and value our alone time. It's hard to get time to ourselves now—mainly because we also value our time together. So, we try to make sure we each pursue our individual interests."—Jennifer

"The worst thing about being married is accepting that my husband isn't perfect. Recognizing his imperfections is frustrating. And when his mistakes or traits anger me, it can be very depressing to think that I'm going to be dealing with this problem for the rest of my life."—Elaine

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