Why Bermuda Is Becoming the Ultimate Destination-Wedding Hot Spot

This week's America's Cup is crowning Bermuda the reigning champ of destination weddings

Coral Beach & Tennis Club

Photo Courtesy of Coral Beach & Tennis Club

It's probably not shocking news to anybody that Bermuda is a beautiful and romantic place to have a destination wedding. That's like saying you just discovered that Oreos taste good dipped in milk. With its natural beauty, delicious cuisine, and relaxed but activity-filled (snorkeling, sailing and diving, world-renowned golf and tennis, biking, horseback riding, and more) atmosphere, it is a prime destination-wedding and honeymoon spot. Plus, anywhere where shorts are considered formal attire is pretty fun! But in the last two years, especially with its Zika-free status and America's Cup, Bermuda has arguably become the reigning champ for a destination wedding.

Bermuda is the host to one of the biggest sailing events in the world this year, the 35th America's Cup. The race series officially kicks off this week, running from June 17 to 27. With six teams from all over the world (including the U.S.) competing, winds coming from every direction, and the boats being able to move twice as fast as even 10 years ago, this is predicted to be one of the toughest competitions ever.

Coral Beach & Tennis Club
Courtesy of Coral Beach & Tennis Club

America's Cup is an added, wonderful bonus to an already beautiful destination-wedding spot. (Who doesn't like sailors?!) According to TravelWeekly.com, destination weddings in Bermuda totaled 4,350 in 2016, an increase of 385 over 2015. Plus, unlike the Caribbean islands, [Bermuda is Zika-free],(http://www.brides.com/story/zika-free-destination-wedding-honeymoon) which also explains the influx of younger tourists not wanting to worry about the mosquito-spread disease having an impact on their baby plans. TravelWeekly found that the average age of the Bermuda traveler is now younger than 45 years old. "Bermuda's reputation as one of the world's most romantic islands is well earned. The stunning turquoise color and crystal-clear visibility of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the island, legendary pink sand beaches, cliffside nature walks, and historic towns, combined with welcoming residents and warm island culture, offer a location for a destination wedding that's magical and unforgettable," Burns Patterson of Hudson PR, who works with the legendary Coral Beach & Tennis Club, told Brides.com.

Coral Beach is homing in on this fresh buzz around Bermuda, with the club enhancing its overseas membership program, making it even easier for couples to book and plan their destination wedding and accommodate all their guests. "Coral Beach & Tennis Club is expected to host approximately a dozen weddings over the course of the summer months and into fall, which is also a spectacular season to enjoy weddings. What's more, many prospective brides and grooms are exploring Bermuda this summer for America's Cup and visiting Coral Beach & Tennis Club to meet with wedding planners on-site in order to plan ahead for weddings in 2018," said Patterson.

<p>Coral Beach & Tennis Club</p><br><br>
Courtesy of Coral Beach & Tennis Club

And this summer, Coral Beach guests can explore America's Cup Village, housed at the Royal Naval Dockyard, or take to the water to watch practice runs and eventually the qualifying races and championship races. Coral Beach & Tennis Club has special access for its members and guests for events, including a reception at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, viewing access to the racecourse, and on-water experiences including a privately chartered 51-foot sailboat on a range of dates throughout America's Cup.

For more information on destination weddings in Bermuda, visit GoToBermuda.com.

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