Behati Prinsloo Reveals the Unusual Way She and Adam Levine Marked Their Marriage

Updated 03/09/16

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Ever since Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine tied the knot in 2014, they have been giving us major relationship envy. And, since the two had a fairly traditional wedding ceremony, it's only fitting that they marked the occasion in an unusual way — with matching tattoos.

"It's on my side," the Victoria's Secret model revealed to Entertainment Tonight. The tattoo that both she and Levine have reads, "you're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool" in script. The Maroon Five front man decided to place his tat on his right bicep. Prinsloo didn't spill what the tattoo means to her and Levine but we think the quirky saying is totally fitting for this fun duo.

Prinsloo's side tattoo isn't the only one she shares with Levine. According to Popsugar after exchanging rings, the duo decided to get matching ring finger tattoos — talk about making a commitment! "It means being one with the earth. And I just wanted it on my ring finger. When I take it off, it's still there," Prinsloo said. "I wanted a ring, but everybody does the ring, so I did three dots."

The Voice judge is no stranger to tattoos and he recently revealed the newest addition to his collection, a mermaid and ocean scene that takes up his entire back. "It's kind of an old school, Sailor Jerry kind of vibe, and him and his tattoo artist just worked on it for a really long time. I approve!" Phew! It's probably a good thing she was able to sign off on his latest piece of body art. The tattoo did take six months to finish so he'd probably have a hard time hiding it from Prinsloo anyways.

Levine is known for surprising his supermodel wife, but in the past he's opted for flowers over tattoos. After Levine had to miss seeing his wife's signature strut at the VS Fashion Show, he surprised her with a gigantic bouquet of roses, which caused Prinsloo to label him the "best hus ever." After seeing that gorgeous display of blooms it would be hard to disagree.

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