The Best Wedding Registry Items for Your Newlywed Bed

Updated 06/02/16
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The average American spends a third of their life sleeping. (But, wedding planning brides-to-be, may beg to differ.) There's tons of bedding options and offerings in the wedding registry realm, so it's important to know the absolute best items before you and your fiancé begin adding away. With a bit of helpful background info to guide you, check out our bedding registry guide.

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Nothing can make or break your slumber like a pillow. Firm, extra firm? Soft, extra soft? Down, goose feathers, memory foam, hypoallergenic? The options seem endless but knowing the best for your sleep preference is key. It's recommended that stomach-sleepers should go for thinner fill pillows, side-sleepers thicker, and back-sleepers a mix between the two. The material a pillow is stuffed with directly determines it's support, so for thicker pillows opt for memory foam, and for thinner, go for down. (The fluffiest!)

Target's house brand Threshold offers supported ventilated memory foam pillows that are also hypoallergenic (score!) as well as Sealy Memory Foam Contour Pillows that are quilted for extra comfort. Popular pillow and mattress brand Tempur-pedic also offers ergonomically designed pillows for specific sleep positioning. Ventilated memory foam pillow, $23.99, Target; Memory foam contour pillows, $39.99, Sealy available at Target

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Durable Duvet

When it comes to duvets (fancy term for a down comforter, basically) it's what's on the inside AND outside that counts. The outside construction of the duvet can be made from silk, cotton, or a combination of the two, and similar to sheets, duvets also carry a thread count. The inside (what makes it cozy and warm) can be filled with down, natural plat fibers, hypoallergenic fills, and more. The general rule of thumb is that the higher "fill power" the lighter fuller the duvet will feel. Typical, midline duvets carry about a 650-fill power, with higher end boasting 900 and lower falling below 600. Eco-friendly sleepers will love Cuddledown's Primary Down Comforter contains 600-fill power and 233 thread count, while luxury lovers will dream about Eddie Bauer's Superior Goose Down Comforter, with 700-fill, stylish sateen damask and pilling resistance. "Primary" down comforter, starting at $169, Cuddledown; "Superior" goose down comforter, $411.75, Eddie Bauer

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Quality Sheets

When it comes to choosing which sheets to register for, you should begin by asking yourself what's most important. Do you value thread count, material, weave organic vs. synthetic? Do you even know what thread count is? Once you have an idea of your preferences, you'll have a much easier time deciding which sheets are best for you. (For those new to bedding basics, thread count is simply the number of threads woven in to one square inch of sheet.) Egyptian Cotton lovers (or really big fans of Uptown Girls) believe the best cotton comes from Egypt, and that it is a better quality, while other sound sleepers prefer sateen, satin, or organic cotton. For those who are all about the numbers, we recommend selecting sheets with a thread count no less than 200.

Bedding designer Brooklinen (a BRIDES favorite) incorporates both quality thread count AND quality Egyptian cotton in all their products, while offering a convenient bedding bundle perfect for the soon-to-be married couple moving in together for the first time. "Classic Core" sheet set, starting at $99, Brooklinen

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Blankets & Covers

Décor lovers, rejoice! Perhaps the most fun part of registering for bedding is determining the aesthetic and putting it all together. The focal point of any bedroom is, obviously, the bed — so choose wisely! First determine if you as a couple prefer a patterned or neutral solid framework, and shop from there.

Popular amongst registrants, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Macy's all feature classic, trendy and modern duvet covers, comforters and throw pillows to meet anyone's personal décor style. Neutral fans will fall for Pottery Barn's Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover available in tons of colors, as well as Crate and Barrel's simple yet elegant Bianca bedding. Print lovers will adore Ralph Lauren's motifs of paisleys, plaids, ikats and linear designs. The options are endless! "Belgian Flax" duvet cover, starting at $124.99, Pottery Barn; "Bianca" duvet cover, $149.95, Crate and Barrel

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