Beauty Tricks You Should Totally Steal From Wellness Gurus

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Updated 10/05/18


While the roots of ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine are centuries old, it’s over the past few years that holistic health has gone from a niche concept to a mass market cornerstone. Far from a trend, this focus on caring for the whole self is a movement. So with that in mind, we asked wellness gurus to share their top beauty-boosting tricks (beyond eating pretty) that you can easily incorporate into your everyday routine, especially if you were considering giving it a bit of a boost ahead of your wedding.

Bonus: Many of these practices are undeniably relaxing—just the thing to combat that pre-wedding stress!

Use a jade roller

“I’ve used a jade roller for almost three years now—ever since I started using a face oil instead of a standard moisturizer,” reveals Sara Panton, cofounder and CEO of Vitruvi. “It helps decrease puffiness and increases circulation to the face, which helps stimulate regeneration and gives skin that natural glow.”

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Make oil pulling part of you morning regimen

“I’m a huuuuge advocate of oil pulling,” says Jaya Jaya Myra, author and natural lifestyle expert. “I do it every morning, using unrefined sesame oil, for at least 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything. It’s a great way to naturally whiten teeth, minimize sensitivity, rid the mouth of harmful bacteria, and improve gum health.” Coconut oil is also great for this ancient ayurvedic practice. Kopari makes peppermint-infused oil pulling packets that are perfect for use at home and on the go.

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Get a massage

“You want to be as relaxed and present as possible on your special day. Therapeutic touch can really help with combating stress. “Massage is so calming for the nervous system, which is likely to feel a little frazzled at times during the wedding planning process,” explains Lisa Levine, founder of Maha Rose. “The mind and emotions will be more at ease as the physical body is taken care of.”

Stock up on Chrysalis Water

“Chrysalis Water is my all-time favorite all-purpose everything,” declares Sophie Jaffe, Los Angeles–based health and wellness expert. “This refreshing mist—infused with witch hazel and essential oils—is the ultimate first aid for skin, space, linens, and more. I use at as an air freshener, energy reset, natural toner, irritation soother, and hydrating hair reviver.”

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Take a magnesium supplement

“I'm all about beauty from the inside out and the right supplement routine can make a world of difference,” says Lily Kunin, founder of Clean Market. “I always take magnesium before bed. Nature's anxiety remedy, it helps promote restful zzzs, improves digestion, and relieves painful cramps.”

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Dedicate time to dry brushing

“I’ve been dry brushing for many years,” notes Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice. (She even did it the morning of her wedding!) “It’s a great way to stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood flow. Beyond that, it exfoliates skin and leaves it ready to drink in moisture. I also find it very invigorating—it gives me a boost of energy.” Pro tip: Remember to always brush towards the heart.

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