Barbara Bush's New Husband Roasted George W. Bush at Their Wedding

Is it really a toast if someone's not cringing?


It wouldn't really be a wedding unless someone was getting ribbed in the speeches, and at Barbara Bush's nuptials over the weekend, that lucky "someone" was apparently her father—former President George W. Bush.

In an interview with NBC's Megyn Kelly on Wednesday, Barbara Bush’s twin sister, Jenna Bush Hager, shared a few details from her sister's big day. The most LOL-worthy? The fact that Bush's new husband, Chris Coyne, used the phrase "misunderestimated" in his speech, referencing President Bush's infamous statement that “they misunderestimated me" on the night of his election in 2000.

“I am going to get in trouble for saying this,” Jenna said, per People. "It was a roast.”

The former president, thankfully, took it all in stride. “My dad is very jovial, of course, and loves to joke. And you can imagine him being that sort of father-in-law that’s constantly joking," Barbara told People ahead of the wedding.

For his part, 43 dished out the jokes just as well as he received them. He seemed to be in high spirits on the day of his daughter's nuptials, and poked a little bit of fun at himself, too. “As the lonely artist in our family, I’m thrilled to have another sensitive soul with whom I can relate," he joked, referring to Coyne's work as a screenwriter. "Plus, it’s nice to know someone from Hollywood who kind of likes me.”

This speech took on a different tone than the one he delivered at Jenna's wedding to Henry Hager in 2008, during which he was so emotional, he had a difficult time expressing what he intended to say. “He had a really hard time at my wedding [because he was so emotional], like, honestly, he got up to give a toast and he was like—I didn’t understand one word he said,” Jenna told Kelly.

This time around, though, Jenna revealed that the two had practiced together ahead of time, so he was able to get through the speech with no tears. He reportedly started his speech by saying, “I am trying to do better at Barbara’s wedding because I want my girl to know how much I love her," and according to Jenna he "teared up but it wasn’t, like, a mess.”

“And,” she joked, “his English has improved!”

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