Barack Obama Had the Sweetest Mother's Day Message for Michelle Obama

The former president left a video for his wife at the end of her book tour

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Mark Wilson

Barack and Michelle Obama are at it again. They proved that they're the definition of #couplegoals once more on Mother's Day, when Barack surprised Michelle with a sweet video message, in which he praises all of Michelle's accomplishments and gushes with pride for her.

Barack uploaded the video to Instagram Sunday night, explaining that he shared it with her during the final stop on her tour for her best-selling memoir, Becoming. In the caption, he wrote, "Happy Mother's Day to the love of my life." The message in the clip is just as heartfelt, giving the world insight into how much love there is between these two.

"I just want to make sure on Mother's Day that you knew how much I love you," Barack starts. "I could not be a luckier man to be married to you. Our girls could not have a better mom and they couldn't have asked for a better example every single day. And when I decided to ask you to marry me, I wasn't sure you'd say yes, but I also didn't know where we'd be going in our lives, I just knew I wanted to go there with you."

He then wraps it up by highlighting all of the things she's done as a First Lady, a mother, and a career woman.

"You've written this extraordinary book, you're filling up these arenas, but most importantly, you have shown yourself through your honesty, your fearlessness, and insight to be a great advocate for people who needed advocacy, help inspire people to find their own voices, so I'm pretty proud of you, girl," he said.

Cue the tears. Of course, it's not the first time they've shouted each other out on social media: Barack has called Michelle his "one and only" on Valentine's Day and shared tender throwback photos on her birthday. Not to be outdone, Michelle has also pulled off some amazing gestures: She once made him an epic Spotify playlist with all of their favorite songs. We've said it once and we'll say it again, these two are the best.

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