As Per Usual, Barack Obama Had the Kindest Message for Michelle Obama's Birthday

The throwback is too perfect

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

True fans of Michelle and Barack Obama will know that the former president and first lady have truly mastered the art of celebratory social media shout-outs. From anniversaries to holidays, you can always count on an adorable post or two from the power couple. So count your lucky stars, because Thursday marks Michelle's 55th birthday, and naturally, her (Instagram) husband used the opportunity to share the most amazing throwback pic.

Topping last year's birthday acknowledgement (which we didn't think was possible), Barack took to Twitter and Instagram (because one platform isn't enough) to highlight his wife on her special day. For the occasion, he shared a snapshot of the pair from their younger days. In the commemorative photo, the previous POTUS has his arm casually draped across his wife, newspaper in hand, while both grin at the camera. Aside from their wedding pictures, this may be the best Obama photo to date.

"I knew it way back then and I’m absolutely convinced of it today — you’re one of a kind, @MichelleObama. Happy Birthday!" Barack wrote alongside the post. Boyfriends/fiancés/husbands/partners/all humans, take NOTE.

The past year has been a momentous one for the birthday girl, who published her bestselling memoir, Becoming, in November. The novel gave incredible insight into Michelle and Barack's marriage, which hasn't always been as picture-perfect as their social medias seem to indicate. In the book and subsequent interviews, the mother of two opened up regarding their experiences with marriage counseling.

"Marriage counseling was a turning point for me understanding that it wasn't up to my husband to make me happy—that I had to learn how to fill myself up and have to put myself higher on my priority list," she explained on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last December.

Michelle also shared some sage advice for fellow spouses. "I want people to know that marriage is work," she said. "Even the best marriages require work. I call them a vexation—it's a choice that you make again and again and again, because I don't want young people to quit the minute they have a hardship. Because I always say, if you're married for 50 years, and 10 of them are horrible, you're doing really good!"

Now you can start counting down the days until their anniversary post.

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