Can You Ban Strippers From Your Fiancé's Bachelor Party?

Check out what real brides have to say.

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The time has come: Your fiancé comes home to excitedly tell you all about his bachelor party plans. Maybe you are just as excited as him and listen with open ears, or maybe you've been dreading this moment from the second you started wedding planning and just want it over. Regardless, one question remains: Will there be strippers at his bachelor party? And what can you do about it?

If you feel strongly about not having female entertainment at your man's celebration, it's important to express your feelings to him in a calm, communicative conversation. As you will hear thousands of times as you venture into married life, communication is key. But aside from talking about it, if you still don't meet eye to eye, can you actually ban bachelor party strippers altogether? Is it okay to put your foot down and essentially make that demand? Check out what real brides have to say.

Your Fiancé Should Respect Your Feelings—as Long as You're Not Being Unreasonable

"I think that you should never have to ban anything. For whatever reason, if you feel that strongly that you have to 'ban' something, your significant other should respect your feelings and opinions enough to honor them, so long as you're not being unreasonable." —Nicole (married November 2015)

Determine What Crosses a Boundary

"Yeah, sure—ban strippers from your man's bachelor party. Guess what, if he wants to do it, he will do it. He'll just say he's going for a low-key dinner or something, but in the end, how would you know? And if he goes away...well as we all know 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.' But seriously ladies, you should trust your future husband and come to an agreement about what you feel is crossing a boundary. For some couples, it's just going to the club. For others, it's a "look but don't touch" agreement. Personally, I'm lucky enough to have a man who never goes to strip clubs...or so he says." —Theresa (married November 2015)

Come to an Agreement Ahead of Time

"We both agreed together when we got engaged that we wouldn't have strippers present or go to a strip club for our bachelor and bachelorette parties. We also told our bridal party our feelings and views and they were respected. I keep it real with my husband—if he really wants breasts flashing in his face, he's more than welcome to come upstairs." —Liz (married July 2016)

Trust Is Key

"I for one am not a big fan of strippers. I don't think they are necessary to have a good time. I don't think that you can ban them though because it ultimately comes down to trust, and if you trust your man, then it shouldn't matter if they are there or not. Like I said though, I don't think that they should need them to enjoy themselves; it's a night out with the boys—why do they need strippers? If you're the type of guy that needs that one last hoorah then you shouldn't be getting married in the first place." —Angela (married Sept. 2015)

Put Out a Warning to Look but Don't Touch

"I would never ban strippers from my fiancé's bachelor party because he is a grown man, and I am not his mother. But, I would warn him to look and not touch as he has a hotter/cleaner thing at home for free. Hahaha." —Dana (married Sept. 2012)

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