The Ballet Wedding Trend Is Happening—Here's How to Pull It Off

Because who doesn't want to look like a prima ballerina on her wedding day?

Ballerina Bride

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There's the popular wish of wanting to look like a princess on your wedding day. But what about feeling like a prima ballerina instead? The current ballet wedding trend is bold, beautiful, and oh so romantic. Here are some expert-approved ideas for how to incorporate ballet-inspired touches into your own big day.

Hair and Makeup

"The words poise, elegance, and classy come to mind. You think high buns, which brides and bridesmaids are really starting to do more often. You think clean lines, soft makeup. There are so many ways to achieve that look! Soft topknots with loose tendrils and dramatic slicked-back high buns. It's elegant. Brides want to focus on lashes and cheeks, giving a softer yet sophisticated feel." —Britny Bassett, Avenue 42 Style Studio

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Flower-Girl Fashion

"One sweet idea for incorporating the ballet trend into wedding planning is the flower girl's attire. A simple ballet unitard, tulle skirt, and ballet flats keep your flower girl comfortable while still looking polished and coordinated with the rest of the wedding party's attire." —Marilisa Martel Schachinger, Martel Event

What He Wears

"You could even ask your groom to take a look at a few Degas paintings to draw attire inspiration from the top-hat-and-tails days of attending the ballet." —Elena Balkcom, Laurel Avenue

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Color and Texture

"Nude palettes are undeniably chic, teamed with gold for a touch of luxe or deep slate grays for a more dramatic look. Also borrowed from the ballet trend, ruffles and pleats will work their way into bridal style and beyond. Ruffles are not only the perfect way to add texture to your bridesmaids' dresses (forget '80s peach monstrosities and think sophisticated chic!), but there are also some beautiful ballet-inspired ruffled linens out there! As for pleats, these are such a modern way to create a relaxed bridal look." —Louise Beukes, Styled By Louise (in the third-annual International Wedding Trend Report)

The Flowers

"Soft pink roses are an integral part of the decor for ballet-inspired weddings. How many times have you seen these gorgeous blooms being thrown at the elegant ballerina at the end of a performance? The table centerpieces should be abundant and flowing, including a variety of full-headed pink, blush, cream, and nude blooms that show the timelessness of the flower and the sophisticated elegance that is associated with them." —Kylie Carlson, the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning

Performance Art

"If you're feeling very strongly about incorporating the ballet trend into your wedding, it would be so fun to incorporate gorgeous ballerinas performing while guests are enjoying their dinner. What a unique and unexpected way to surprise your friends and family!" —Bianca Hall, Estera Events

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Your Footwear

"No matter what kind of dancing you'll do at your reception, a pair of canvas ballet shoes are the most comfortable option to slip on after shedding those ceremony pumps. No one will know but you and me, with dainty slippers hiding under layers of white." —Elena Balkcom, Laurel Avenue

The Drinks

"Russia leads the way with prima ballerinas, so a St. Petersburg Slipper would be the perfect cocktail for a ballet-inspired wedding. That combines Russian vodka with unsweetened lime juice, grapefruit juice, grenadine, and ice. If vodka isn't your thing, then perhaps the aptly named En Pointe cocktail, created to celebrate the Birmingham Royal Ballet's 25th anniversary, would work better. The cocktail has a mix of cherries, Sailor Jerry rum, amaretto, lime, and pineapple, topped off with a rose garnish." —Kylie Carlson, the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning

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The Dessert

"Classical ballet originated in France, and therefore the obvious choice is patisserie treats presented on a variety of glass cake stands. Lots of beautiful ruffles, intricate piping, and romantic shapes all add to the theme in a selection of delicate colors." —Kylie Carlson, the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning

The Decor

"Home in on a favorite performance and use those details to shape your wedding design! For example, if you love Swan Lake, consider adding white feathers to your bouquet or choosing a wedding dress that has feathers in the bodice. Create a custom wedding program that's laid out by Order of Performance or Act I, II, and III instead of the ceremony, cocktail hour, etc." —Lauren Groeper, Chancey Charm Denver

"A two-act ballet is structured in the same way as a wedding: ceremony (act 1), cocktail hour (intermission), and reception (act 2). This welcomes many opportunities for the couple to really add to their event decor to ensure that their guests enjoy a similar momentous experience, like on opening night at the ballet. Incorporating special lighting into each memorable moment will add to the drama. Dim the lights, cue the music, and have a spotlight on the drapes. After a few moments, the curtains are drawn back with a breathtaking backdrop. Even at the end of the ceremony, when the couple is announced and shares a kiss, having the curtain fall, lighting goes out, and then slowly bringing the lights back on would create for a memorable ceremony." —Hylah White, Hylah White Special Events

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Pre-Performance Prep

"Clients love our intense workouts (which, while based in ballet, require no previous dance training and deliver amazing results) and we've had quite a few brides prepare by attending our classes. We love to help our 'tribe' get ready for key life events...and the endorphins also help stem the stress of wedding planning!" —Julie Schechter, fitBallet (NYC)

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