It's Pie Season! Peep These Baker Instagram Accounts for Major Holiday Meal Inspo

Get a head start on holiday dessert inspiration with these gorgeous feeds

Updated 11/04/17
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Phil Chester

It's that time of year again—when the best-laid plans for diets and cleanses go out the window—and the butter, flour, and baking gear come out. Just go with it (after all, resistance is futile!). When the weather starts getting chilly this is THE best season to get cozy and go for some delicious, fresh-from-the oven carbs.

So, we rounded up some of our favorite bakers on Instagram—we're talking about the people who spend their days testing recipes (so you don't have to) for crusty pies, pretty layered cakes, and crumbly, gooey cookies. The best baking Instas feel like you can almost smell and taste the gorgeous creations on your phone. From rustic to refined, these seven must-follow handles are sure to inspire.

The baking genius behind Apartment 2 Baking Co. blog and author of the recent cookbook, Sweeter off the Vine, Yossy Arefi creates rustic tarts and swoon-worthy sweets that have made her Insta-food royalty over the last couple of years. Go for one of her luscious dessert recipes—think concord grape pie or persimmon-ginger upside down cake—everyone at your holiday table will be happy you did.

Tara Jensen is woman-of-all-trades when it comes to baking—she runs a small, wood-fired bakery out of her rural North Carolina home and leads sold-out workshops to baking enthusiasts who trek from around the globe to come learn her secrets. Her pie decorations are especially inspirational: she uses a free-form technique featuring motifs from nature and her imagination.

Swedish blogger Linda Lomelino's moody Insta feed is like stepping into another world—one filled with petal-dusted pastel cakes and warm cinnamon buns (yes, please!). Her most recent cook book is out this month and showcases her incredible pies—perfect inspiration for your Thanksgiving dessert spread.

Utah-based Kaley McCabe features an array of mouth-watering recipes on her blog, The Kitchen McCabe, but her baked goods are especially delish (and approachable!). Choose from such wonders as blueberry-lavender hand pies or a spiced wine and plum tarte tatin.

The Berlin couple behind Our Food Stories, Nora Eisermann and Laura Muthesius, create a magical world of freshly baked treats in a beautiful setting by a lake (their second home in the German countryside). Bonus: of their recipes are gluten-free!

Scrolling through Thalia Ho's gorgeous feed is pretty much guaranteed to create a massive cookie craving (she's a big fan of sprinkling fleur de sel on anything sweet, to which we whole-heartedly agree). Go ahead—just don't say we didn't warn you.

Sarah Fel's desserts have both Swiss and Italian influences (she's divided her time between both places throughout her life). Her inventive creations include everything from cinnamon-laced sweet breads to pretty fruit pies.

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