6 Facebook-Status Updates No Bride Should Ever Make

Updated 03/20/15

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Facebook has forever changed the way we plan, think and talk about weddings. It's a great place for general updates (you just got engaged, yay!), but beyond that, things can start to get sticky, especially when a majority of the folks you're "friends" with aren't even invited to the wedding. To avoid any online or real-life awkwardness, refrain from making these six types of Facebook status updates and we swear you won't get de-friended.

The Wedding Guest/Party Rant

We get it...you're pissed off about people forgetting to RSVP, your friend flaking out on dress shopping and your mother-in-law trying to make the wedding her own. With that said, however, Facebook is so not the place to go on a huge rant about your wedding guests or your wedding party! Instead, vent your frustrations to another bridesmaid, your mom or someone else close to you (preferably a friend whose been through the process before) that can relate to how you're feeling right now.

The TMI Status Update

Trust us, no one needs (or cares to read) a play-by-play update on your yearlong wedding planning process. Yes, feel free to share the big, important news (i.e. you just got engaged, you finally chose a wedding venue/picked out a date, you got your engagement pictures back, etc.), but spare all your Facebook friends the nitty gritty, and sometimes, not so pretty, planning details.

The Brag Update

Okay, every bride is allowed what we'll call a few "brag" posts throughout the entire wedding-planning process. If it gets to a point that you're boasting about how awesome your wedding is on a daily or weekly basis though, then enough is enough!

The Pity-Party Post

Wedding planning is so hard, isn't it!? True yes, however, the Pity Poster not only wants you to know this, she wants you to feel really, really bad for her too. She lives for the type of comforting comments she elicits from Debbie Downer status updates. Something is always going wrong with the wedding planning, whether it be a vendor bailing on her, engagement photos turning out terrible or a lack of help from anyone. We all need a mini pity party now and then; just keep it off Facebook, will you?

The Wedding Countdown

We hate to break it to you, but no one cares that there are exactly 4 months, 2 days, 5 hours and 27 minutes until you marry the love of your life! A quick post once you select your wedding date should suffice. After that, leave it be and stop hashtagging every single update with #weddingcountdown.

The Photo-Heavy Post

Remember brides: this is Facebook, not Pinterest. And while you may be super stoked to share those wedding inspiration photos with your entire friend list, you also don't want to give away too much before the big day is here. Do yourself a solid and leave a little to the imagination. You can always text inspiration pics to a select group of friends to garner feedback as needed.

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