The Bachelorette 's Rachel Lindsay Shows Off Her (Temporary!) Engagement Ring

"You got to be surprised with the Neil Lane bling!"

Updated 05/24/17

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We usually have to wait until the season finale to see the engagement ring that the latest Bachelorette or Bachelor gets or gifts, but we know from experience that it's, one, always a Neil Lane piece direct from the expert jeweler himself. And, two, sparkly enough to practically blind us from all the way on our couches. But for the first time in Bachelor Nation history, a Bachelorette is showing off her new engagement ring before the final rose ceremony. And the second episode hasn't even aired yet! Last week, ahead of the premiere of her season of The Bachelorette, star Rachel Lindsay revealed that she does in fact get engaged in the finale. And now, she's showing off the ring for proof!

Okay, so before you get too excited... Lindsay isn't showing off the big Neil Lane bauble we'd come to expect from Bachelor Nation engagements. She's saving that ring's debut for the season finale when her chosen suitor gets down on one knee on our TV screens. But the woman just can't bare to hide that engagement glow, and is currently rocking a temporary, place-holder engagement ring instead. And it's still totally worth an #engagementringselfie or two (or three...).

"I'm so excited, it's just exuding from me... I can’t hide it," Lindsay told Extra's Mario Lopez, according to Us Weekly. Going into the nitty-gritty proposal details, she said, "He asked my parents, he got down on one knee—yes, all the traditional things happened." And she has the—albeit, temporary—ring for proof!

Rachel Lindsay Engagement Ring
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Lindsay is currently wearing a simple gold band on her left ring finger in place of the big bauble that's soon to come. "You got to be surprised with the Neil Lane bling," she said.

So with a ring on her finger and official bride-to-be status, is Lindsay already planning for her nuptials to this mystery winner? And more importantly, will it be televised? (Pretty please.)

"I'm focused on the engagement right now," Lindsay explained. "I have a huge family and I want everyone to come... I wouldn’t throw [the idea of a televised wedding] out. I am willing to do it."


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