5 Bachelorette Party Games Your Girls Will Actually Want to Play

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It's the freaking bachelorette weekend and you're about to have you some fun. One way to get the party started off right is with cocktails, of course, followed by a fun game or two to help loosen up the group. Because not all bachelorette party games were created equal though, here are five that your girls are guaranteed to love. Let the games begin!

1. The Newlywed Game

It's a game we all love to watch total strangers play so it's even more fun when you know the couple involved! Have the bachelorette party host email the groom a list of questions beforehand (even better, get his responses on video to play for the group later), such as, "What's your favorite part of her body?" or "What article of clothing do you really wish she'd throw away?" Feel free to keep it as PG or R-rated as everyone involved is comfortable with, then have the bride guess what her guy answered for each one. If she's right, everyone else takes a sip of their drinks and if she's wrong, she takes a sip of her drink. If you got the answers on video, play each one back for the crowd to get a kick out of.

Another option is to play this game with all the girls in attendance. So have each girl answer questions beforehand, like their funniest memory with the bride, then someone reads the answer out load at random and the bride has to pick the person who said it.

2. A Scavenger Hunt

The perfect game for a night on the town! The good news is, there are tons of sites you can instantly download pre-made bachelorette party scavenger hunt lists full of fun "dares" to be captured on camera throughout the evening. Etsy is our go-to for loads of options (some quite crazy and others more tame depending on the vibe you're going for).

3. The "Drink If" Game

This one is similar to the concept of "Never Have I Ever" except, well, different! Basically, you have a healthy list of Drink Ifs written down that will get passed around. Each girl reads off one line and if that line applies to you, then you drink. Then the card gets passed. Some example of fun Drink Ifs include, if you've know the bride for x amount of years, if you've gone to the couple's honeymoon destination, if you've hooked up with a guy who has the same name as the groom (okay avoid that one if one of the other girls has hooked up with the groom at any time in the past LOL), etc. etc. You can make up your own Drink Ifs or download pre-made lists too.

4. Sculpt The Cucumber Into a Penis

Or you can use zucchini, whatever works! Basically put a tablecloth down on the table and pass out a bunch of random tools, like a plastic knife, vegetable peeler, etc., to each girl to carve out the perfect cucumber or zucchini penis. Set a timer and each 15 (or 30) seconds that passes, each girl passes her given tool to the left. Once all the tools have been passed and the total time is up, everyone votes to see who has the most realistic looking penis.

5. A Panty Party

If the panties fit, right? For this game, each girl on the guest list should bring a pair of unwrapped panties for the bride that is reflective of her own personality. All the panties get hung on a clothesline type thing (or however you can manage it) and the bride has to guess which girl gave her which pair of panties. Like always, you can choose to turn this into a drinking game if you like! It's a fun way to shower the bride and get some good laughs at the same time.

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