Ayesha Curry Admits to Sharing This Intimate Product with Her Husband

One can say they are closer than ever!

Updated 01/24/18

Gregg DeGuire

It’s no secret that you end up sharing a lot with your S.O. From the sink in the mornings to the covers at night, you two will inevitably get very close after years of marriage. But Ayesha Curry has taken it to a new level and shared just how close she and Steph Curry really are.

“Full disclosure: he has stolen my toothbrush a couple of times which is hilarious,” Ayesha told People. “But we’ve been married for so long, it’s like, who cares?”

That they have. The pair, who met at church as teenagers celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary last year, and the oh-so-close couple loves to spread their love all over social media.

Steph isn’t the only one she's sharing her bathroom essentials with. Their daughters Riley, 5, and Ryan, 2, are already getting pretty into her makeup bag. She told people she allows them to experiment at home as a form of self-expression, but her oldest is practically a pro.

“Oh, they’ve already started digging through!” she said. “They play around with it so much. [Riley] loves watching YouTube videos of makeup gurus so she knows exactly where to put everything. She’s kind of a pro already. She told me she’s a professional, so!”

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